A few things about me

I did a thing here on personal development.


I am not showing off or stuff, but I think I can say I am happy! Its all about attitude (and a whole lotta stuff I am not willing to get into right now). Stuff has continued to happen in my life and I have reacted in a much better way leading me to be happy.

A good friend said to me in conversation “Shit happens all the time…. . the key is not to get paralysed by it. When it happens one just needs to remember it ends”. I modify it a little bit by saying “sometimes the shit does not go away, but is here to stay, the key is not to get paralysed by it, but learn to live with it, work it and keep on keeping on” That has been my mantra over the last few weeks.

Disicpline does not come easy especially when it is stuff that is hard. But I am working it and it is paying off. All in all I am in/at a good place.

Finally the gem that has really held me together. Big Al said it to me about 4 months ago when I was moaning about some family crisis. “Why not you” That stopped me right in the midst of my complaining. ati why not me. I could not even answer. I pondered it long and realised, yeah, why not me! So next time the shit hits the fan in your life, instead of feeling like a self pitying idiot… ask your self why it should not happen to you then get that sucker by the ears, give it a good kick and keep on moving.

Good luck


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  1. Good for you!!!

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