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This post has been in my head for sometime. I do not know how to express exactly what I want to say, so I am just going to go for it.

African has some of the most beautiful women and men I have ever seen. An undistored natural beauty that is not marred by temporary paint or chemical fires administred to the hair.

I miss being around that kind of beauty. One of the most striking men I have ever seen was a West African man who lived in Uganda. (I remember him because I had seen him around with his white wife and thier children). What struck me about this man was his color. He was black as midnight and contrasted against his wife’s paleness it was rather jarring. The first few times I never saw him up close. . One day while at the airport I saw him and I almost fell inlove. The man was/is beautiful. Pleasing to the eye. I have never forgotten him.   (just had to get that out of my system). I say this to remind myself that Africans are beauty because the latest images I saw of Ugandans on Danish TV (while in class at school) made me want to scream!

I miss seeing african beauty. The undistorted kinda. I miss seeing people like me on the streets. Beautiful, brown, black, yellow faces.   I miss being around people who look like me in all thier varying shades of me. I miss blending in and being just another body in a sea of bodies.

I miss the vibrant colors of home. Where in Denmark will you see someone going to work in a lime green suit and not look like a clown. Where else can one wear african print and not stand out? I miss wearing my sunday best to church and being among smart people.

Beautiful people…. good night.

Meanwhile, do you all know this kijana. I have am currently watching him on “House” . I googled him and found out his is kenyan!! Imagine that. It was after having seen his name on the credits and I was like… eh. His name is Edi Gathegi. (he is also muzri to look at hehehe…. albeit he is a kababy, born just the other day! 🙂

Edi Gathegi

Edi Gathegi (gettyimages)


Comments on: "Beauty" (6)

  1. chuckle at ‘lime green’…

    i hear you – oh u beautiful african mama you! Yet many of us continue to taint our gorgeous-ness, trying to adhere to western standards of beauty….i was in france this summer and what i saw of many congolaise women was shocking to say the least…what with the skin bleaching, the clown-like make-up….aiii c’mon ….

    thumbs up to Edi Gathegi!

  2. he is?

    **rushes off to research.

  3. Half n Half said:

    Also didn’t know he is Kenyan!
    Following 31337

  4. pinkmemoirs said:

    African Beauty is the best. Yeah! Saw Gathegi on House a couple of months ago. You wouldn’t believe he’s Kenyan and has gotten this far. Proud of him.

  5. i knew it! i knew he was Kenyan. me and my housemates argued for the longest time!!!
    so cool!

  6. boyfulan¿ said:

    seems mob p’ple dont read ma-ngazeti..haha.anyway, he was featured on the Sunday Nation, several sundays ago and i loved the bit where he used ALL his college money to pay for art school or something.so much for love of this art.first time at yours, i love it.

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