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It’s done!

After 7 years  of natural hair (two lapses of chemically altered hair) I finally made the decision and cut it all off. Yes, I went ahead and cut off 2.5 years growth of natural hair. About time I did so!

Woke up Wednesday morning and asked myself how could I allow my hair to be pushing me around thus. It’s just freaking hair and if there is one thing I have learned: Hair grows! I went to the only hair stylist I trust in this city and told her to do her thing. She went shorter than I wanted but that is fine.

I like the way I look. I feel very relieved to have it off. I am thinking of colouring it. Do something really wild. (did you know that tattoos are really expensive…… so my tattoo is on hold till my job comes about!) Hair color will have to do for now.

Maybe I will put up photos of before and after. Who knows!


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  1. 7 years, that must have quite long.

    I now live by my mother’s mantra, “..it will grow again…” So have fun with whatever is left, by the time you are tired of short hair it will be long again. Mine’s already grown long again after I chopped it off end of March.

  2. On related matters, what do you think about this? http://www.andtheylivedhappilyeverafter.com/53.htm

    Check it out.

  3. Mwari you had me laughing with that article. I will admit that when I cut it off in 2006, right after I had come to Denmark, the theory applied. I was going through so much emotional turmoil I went ahead and cut my hair. I regretted it immediately after and started trying to regrow it.

    This time, a lot of thought and considration went into it. I was not that long given that I had chopped it off before in ’06. I have very dry, nappy hair and it is a bitch to handle. I was tired of trying to tame it, was considering perming it but could not get my head around a perm. I wanted easy to manage, low fuss hair. Short hair fit the bill.

    And Big Al is very fine about it. Yes I did consult him about it, because I know some men cannot deal with such drastic change. In his words “Mrembo, you are asking me that question as if I have never seen you will short hair, I’ve been with you a very long time”.
    He had spoken the truth. He likes the short hair. Says it is very neat makes me look younger!

    There is some truth to the article but not in this instance.

  4. That ‘piece of information’ came as a shock for me because I googled it after i’d cut my hair, and it was true, i was going through some emotional turmoil. There are more such articles, but I agree with you, sometimes, the hair just doesn’t look beautiful anymore,or it becomes a frustrating affair, so in that case, the article does not hold water.

    And by the way, i did not have any ill intentions by sharing the article. I am now feeling kinda horrible for any hint of insinuating…

  5. Hey Mrembo, I recently considered chopping my hair, but then decided to try and rescue it instead. Then today, I read this post and the article sent by Mwari and I realised that I wanted to chop the hair during a very trying time. I am so glad that I did not, chop it, that is, and that I went for a more well kept look with my current style.
    Thank you for sharing this moment, you are not alone, even though I am probably just beginning this life cycle with my hair!PS, right now it is relaxed, and I found a caring stylist.

  6. Hey Mwari,
    you have nothing to worry about. I followed the link read the article and perused some of the other articles. I have bookmarked the website for further reading. I found his point of view very interesting and refreshing.

    PS: Glad to be of help and good luck with the hair!

  7. pinkmemoirs said:

    Changing hair styles is the most liberating thing ever. Got tired of long flowing hair, endless salon visits and waiting 2 weeks to wash my head about a year ago and went (almost) bald. Very liberating, neat clean and takes a decade off one’s face. Tis not amusing to be asked which high school you are in but well…


  8. i cut mine offas well. two weeks ago. think afro gone wild! i couldn’t take it anymore. i think all hair stylists cut hair shorter than the client wants. i told the guy to stop then he decides he wants to “level” it… the horror! but i like it. no regrets. not having to shower with a shower-cap feels awesome!

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