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To be or not to be FAT!!


I have been watching some scary stuff on youtube. Will get to that in a bit

Its no news that I am trying struggling to loose 5/6kgs.

I have been jogging and later on running since July 2008 and I have not lost even one kilo 😦 the other day I read in Runners World Magazine that running and weight management are two totally different things… no shit! Boy am I learning that! My running time on my routes has decreased. My speed is up. I now run about 98% of the distance. As in; I do not stop to walk. I run or slow down to a jog. Ok so that is some good news because it means I have reached some personal goals. I am now working on increasing the distances. I have about 4 different running routes all about the same distance. I just have to increase the distance. So yeah, good news on that front.

Bad news is that there is no weight loss. As a result I have now added TAEBO on my non running days. I have loads of Taebo tapes/DVDs that I have been collecting through the years. Apart from novels I tend to buy work out DVDs and work out and recipe books. I have all sorts of work out books in the house.

Anyway the scary stuff I was watching on youtube was about the side effects of gastric bypass. Salalala. Those people suffer. You get to loose all the weight but the payoff is some serious health issues such as vitamin b12 deficiency, vitamin D and C deficiency, anemia, sijui what what.. all due to the fact that you have a decreased stomach hence malabsorption of nutirients.  There was a chick talking about the side effects … scary scary stuff. And NOPE I am not thinking about surgery. I saw her video and then kinda got clicking on other videos and end up at the house of horrors regarding gastric surgery.

On to my weight loss woes. I am dragging myself kicking and screaming into the world of calorie counting. I think that is the only way out. Gone are the days I could eat whatever and rely on my workouts to keep my weight in check. Fact of the matter is that I am eating way much more that I am burning. My ka-strategy of sight-portion-control is not working. So time to switch that up. I need to get to eating like 1500calories a day.

So I am off to planning that.. and will update once I start loosing the weight. Right now I am holding my weight steady between 81kgs and 83kgs… and before  exclaim at those numbers remember I stand at 5feet 10.5inches. My personal ideal weight is 75kgs.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 77kgs and that is what I am aiming for.

So right now I have set a goal to get down to 80kgs by Nov 25th. (why 25th.. I have an appointment at the docs for unrelated matters and I will be using the scale there) By Jan 1st 2009 I want to be at 77kgs. (how I will achieve that … God help me. During Dec I attend the following parties: my birthday, my brother-in-laws, my mother-in-Laws birthday, x-mas dinner and new year dinner and right after that hubby’s b-day)

Wish me luck.

The other day I was doing Taebo and noticed that I carry most of my weight in my stomach.

PS: Taebo abs and tums totally kicks ass! Totally.


Comments on: "To be or not to be FAT!!" (3)

  1. I have also put on kidogo, the sad part on my part is that i am doing nothing about it. What can one do in this winter weather? We have gym in the office but work gets in the way. Although to be fair that sounds like an excuse.
    I am trying to persuade Denzel into us buying a treadmill. The problem is we have no space in the house. Swiss houses are tiiiiny! In the mean time, I am trying to eat well, which usually ends as a myth. Problem is my husband loves meat, and if it has fatty bits, he soothes that is it sweeter. I have poor defences so i yield in.

    I hear you. Big Al and I are hopeless at keeping each other in check about food. I have a big weakness for cakes and tea(they go together.. cake+tea). Especially on a Sunday afternoon. When I suggest “lets go get cake… instead of saying.. no…. he says “yes…please” 🙂

  2. Afrofeminista said:

    Try the Abs diet book…not really a diet that’s hard to follow but some good wisdom there and great exercises to try at home. Great for the paunch…um tummy…whatever. But some delish shakes. all the best with weight loss goal!

  3. Check out Spark people. Its a really good online resource!

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