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its been long

Its almost one month since I was last here. I cannot blame time… as in a lack of it, nor can I point to a writer’s block… nah, nothing like that. I have just been missing in action as one sometimes does.

The last time I wrote, promised to be back with my weight loss story.  I have lost a whole total of 1.2kgs :0 . I am kinda of pleased with that given that I had stopped putting in serious effort after two weeks.  In those two weeks I got serious about eating small portion sizes and working out and I reached my goal weight of 79kgs. Then I got relaxed and lazy so I have stablised at about 81.5 down from 83.6kgs. (that 83 almost killed me when I saw it)

Otherwise I am fine, not doing much. School is almost out. I finished my written exams and I’m waiting for my oral exams. Please do not equate these exams with anything like doing your degree or A’levels. Nothing like that at all. However the exam is important to ME because it signifies the END of something that I started and the LAUNCH PAD to something new.

The economy is officially in recession and I could not help but think… (and it is in this job market that you are looking for a job). The good news is that I found a mentor and we have been working on my job issues. I know exactly what I want to do and so things are looking up for me. I really do feel very positive of my future despite the recession yada yada yada.

My boy is growing and developing more of a character. He is very sweet, kind, loving and funny.  The loving thing is so cute. There is this little girl at his day care, of whom the carers have told me on many occassion, that babyboy and her are best friends.  So today I dropped him off. When he saw her, he run straight to her and they hugged and smiled.. then each went his own way. It’s the cutest thing to see. On the flip side… woi woi woi! He has a temper that is splendid to witness when unleased. Patience is not his strongest suit either. He will be playing with his toys or whatever and if it does not go where he wants it to, or fit where he needs it to fit.. you will see something flying in the air while he proceeds to stump his feet, let out an impatient shriek, scream or shout.. then move on to the next think. Tickles me pink when I witness it and at the same time scares me. How do I help him tame that???

That’s all from me.

PS: House work is BORING AS HELL!