A few things about me

MishMash: Part III

Benicio Del Toro! oh la la! Can we all say hot hot hot! He has been on my mind because I watched Things we lost in the Fire. Not the best movie out there,(i didn’ even finish it) but when it comes to Benny….oh oh oh…. can the man ACT.  Ati Tom Cruise.. Will Smith nah!. When it comes to acting Benicio is in a class of his own. Then yesterday he was on CNN or was it BBC. I was channel surfing and saw him receiving accolades for his role in Che Guevera.

Benicio is my new TV boyfriend! Was just thinking that him and crazy Joaquin Phoenix could play brothers. Talking of hot men.. I also caught glimpses of the movie I Robot…eh just wanted to say that in that movie Will Smith was looking very nice! lol!

Big Al is  hotter though! 🙂 I have a thing for tall men with big thighs. Gotta be big! Oh and Prince.  Prince is one hot, short, high heel wearing, lipstick splashing  man!  There is something about that man that is just sooooo sexy! Prince totally rocks!

Ok ok.. enough with the sillyness. I came here to blog about important stuff and got derailed by men. They will do that to a chick.

On to babynews. Guess what my son has started calling me.  Nope it is not mama or Mor or mummy. He can actually say mama or mammeee.. depending on his mood. For the past 3 to 4  days he has been calling me babeee!! How sweet! His word for mum or dad is da..da. He calls his dad papa or dada.. but seems to be sticking to papa mostly. With me it is dada.. and now babee! I sometimes call him baby, that’s where he has got it from. And finally he is begining to try to articulate words and saying a few things after me.  His dad is away so right now baby is sharing the bed with me. Last night he crawled out from under the covers and got cold. I woke up to him saying… “cold cold”. Poor thing, I covered him up and he slept on.

And finally, what I actually came here to say. It was brought of from reading Rombo’s post about why she blogs about Africa. It was in response to Mwangi’s question. It got me thinking about the state of affairs in my head with regards to world news and Africa. This is how things stand.  Bleh!

Yup.. exactly that….bleh! News is bleh, anything to do with African development is bleh. Danish news is bleh, CNN, BBC everything is just bleh. Can’t be bothered, don’t miss it a single bit. I don’t watch news, don’t read the papers.. just don’t care. It’s strange but I no longer can be bothered to work up the energy to care of even have a conversation about development etc etc. Museveni, Kony, Waki Report, rising food prices, financial crisis, Zimbabwen cholera.. bleh bleh bleh! I just know something is happening and that’s about it. I have other bigger fish to fry.

So what does that say about me…. you tell me!

and lastly.. i like the new changes to the wordpress -admin page.

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