A few things about me


I was reading something at Mashada. The poster asked if it is tribalist to ask some what their tribe is.

I absolutely hate it when someone I have just met or still accquainted to asks me what tribe I am. I think it is tasteless.

I hate it even more.. especially with my fellow Ugandans when they ask me which part of Uganda I am from then proceed to call me a liar because I do not LOOK like that particular tribe. ~When in Kenya, most people cannot figure out where I am from.. then start the guessing game. Like what the fuck… what does my tribe have to do with anything especially if i have just met you.

Happens to me all the time here in Europe.. eh..u don’t look like….. no…. u can’t be…”

Let the person volunteer that info or let it come naturally. Just don’t ask

Thats my take on it.

Goodnite lovely people


Comments on: "Tribe" (1)

  1. Eff Dee Eye said:

    Feels like I walked into a new house! Yes I have to ask what tribe are you again?

    And why is it like that especially when far from home?
    Good day

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