A few things about me

Another one in!

Happy new year darlings!

So what are the new year resolutions. Mine are…..

  • Lose 5 kilos by March 1st 2009. Current weight 79.4kgs. Target weight 74.4kgs
  • Be nice to the hubby (we made that promise to each other.. this year we will be nicer to each other) (I will not elaborate further, we know what we mean!! hehe)
  • Grow my hair out. (I know I am hopeless….yes I know I cut my hair just the other day. Thing is … I am bored with it now. and I hate hate having to clean up every morning cause there is hair all over after combing. Buuuut the thought of braiding it is just so ugh!! and EXPENSIVE cause I will no longer allow myself to have shit(as in crap diy braids) on my head because I am financially challenged! But I am going to grow it out.  I am bored with short hair!! I still look cute though 🙂
  • Get a job (why is this so far down my priority list… because the first 3 I know I can do them. Its all about me. the job thing… well… eh…)
  • then do the course
  • then get the real job

To my dear 5,6,7 or is it 8 readers of this dying blog.. be blessed in the new year. I don’t promise to post much.. posting has sort of slowed down. Facebook is kinda addictive. I am cutting back on time there too. oh and my final resolution of the year

  • be fruitful with my time (that’s a big one cause I think I waste time)
  • continue with the good positive spirit and continue to walk in Love

Oh and finally finally after much talk back and forth with Big Al.. Zi Cable TV is offically disconnected! Just waiting for the cable guy to do his thing come Monday 5th. Withdrawal sypmtoms are already being felt… but just like drugs.. cold turkey is good for the soul.

be blessed darlings and all the best!


Comments on: "Another one in!" (4)

  1. wishing you so much the very best on the goals. The weight loss one has been a perennial one on my list and I never seem to make it. Let us know how it goes!!

  2. Happy new year.

    Best wishes with your resolutions. I know your’e going to get a job soon you’ve waited long enough.

    Love this blog.

  3. I wish you and yours Gods favor this year, success in all your plans. I may lurk but am still here. Thanks for sharing your life,we live we learn.

  4. Happy New Year!

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