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Oprah- back on the wagon

I have a love hate relationship with Oprah. One minute I am digging everything… well almost everything she has to say the next 4 minutes I cannot stand to watch her show.

I have basically not been watching her for some time now.  I will turn on the screen see what is on.. then watch depending on if the topic gets my fancy. Even Dr Oz is boring!

(PS: the cable guy has not yet disconnected us.. we are watching cable on borrowed time 🙂 we gave them notice them days.  As far as I am concerned they can keep taking their sweet time!)

Anyway, as I was saying.. so today at around 10.45 – 15mins to end of the show, I decide to turn on the TV and see what Opie is talking about. And imagine what.. for the first time we in Denmark were watching what the guys in US were watching.. the new Oprah show of 2009 on which she tells us why she gained weight and how she is going to loose it.

I caught the last boring parts which had nothing to do with Opie.

It is now 23.16. Big Al is seated next to me doing his thing.. on his laptop.. can’t even tell you what it is. there is a cartoon drawing of a man on one side of the screen then some other scrambled things… coding.. what do I know.  Anyway, I was feeling hungry ..no I was feeling sorry for myself and decided to  something to eat.. so I asked Big Al if he would have tea and choco cake (left overs from his birthday) and he was like “yes love”

This story is going somehwhere.. it is related to Opie and the show I missed!— so anyway.. I made the tea and got him a choco slice. While in the kitchen I decided I am not really hungry.. and I will feel bad about eating the cake and that feeling is just not worth the hassle. i.e I did not get anything to eat!

I get back to the seat and ask Big Al if he feels like going to the toilet. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. “” What.. and why?

Mrembo: “don’t you feel like going to the loo”

Big Al: “Why”…(I can see he is getting irritated by my insane question

Mrembo : “So that I can watch Oprah on your computer”

Big Al: ” I offered to buy you a computer and you refused so nope”

Mrembo : “we have no money” (my husband likes to think that we won the lottery at one point… which reminds me.. why is the bank account balance telling me it is the end of month while the calendar says it is only 5th January)

Big Al: “what is in it for me”

Mrembo:  ” I made you tea and cake”

He concedes and hands over his comp to me and I get to watch bits of the show from Oprah.com. (my computer is so old.. that the memory cannot handle playing a DVD or stuff from certain websites… thankfully I can watch things off youtube)

Ms Oprah is a trip… nah.. she is just human. She put up her diet plan and I felt sorry for her. The only carbs she is getting is from half a sweet potatoe and oatmeal porridge.  She has already set herself up for failure. Once you have eaten chocolate, bread, cake etc.. there is no way you are going to successfully maintain weight loss on a diet that prohibits those things.  I FIRMLY believe that the key to weight loss is learning how to eat even the forbidens in moderation.

The other thing was how fascinating that even with all that money, she still has “everyday people problems”

Ain’t life funny!

Have a carb filled day!

Comments on: "Oprah- back on the wagon" (5)

  1. kenyandaughter said:

    Finally someone who thinks like me,u dont just cut out stuff like that,moderation is the key.
    Oprah needs to give a ring to this london hypnotist who helps people lose weight bila getting on a diet(I know I dont beleive it too but he has a tv show which to be honest when I bother to watch it,will let u know what its about),goes by the name paul mckenna.

  2. @ kenyan daughter: huyo Paul Mckenna nimemusikia… something to do with neuro-linguistics programming or the sorts…. do keep us updated when you find out more.

  3. Looks like tuko wengi on the ++weight wagon. Off to formulate the offensive.

  4. Mrembo are you gay?

  5. @ Malaika… what makes you think that? and No I am not gay.

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