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Mrs O: The Dresses: My Take

You saw the green dress she wore for the swearing in.  When I first saw it I was like.. “eh, sparkles… during the day… not sure….ok… she looks nice… its is way to cold for that dress…..it’s growing on me, its growning on me.. it’s grown on me!”

Fashionistas and wannabe fashionistas are calling the dress yellow! Yellow my ass! That dress was some kind of lime green.. sijui green! me.. I don’t know but it was some kind of green . Then I woke up today  morning turned on CNN and saw


and I was like! WOW! She looks FANTABULOS.  I loved the dress. I think it was appropriate in keeping with her position as first lady. It was fresh and modern and testified to her funky upbeat style. I loved it.

However many fashion lovers aren’t loving the dress and I am not getting why they are not.  I love that Mr O matched. You know… white bow tie, white shirt. Oh oh and did you see them dancing… I was smiling like and idiot getting all fuzzy and happy. Them whispering to each other, him leaning into her.. total romance! 😀

I turned and looked at my husband.. Mr. Big Al and said to him

“you need to get invited to some big do where I have wear a gown and you a tux.. ”

I have never worn such an outfit. Never had the occassion to grace a black tie event.  And incase you are wondering.. nope I did not have a big white/red wedding.  So I have not had that cinderella moment! (red because my gown has to have burgundy red on it!)

but but but.. I have my wedding planned for 2012… God willing we will still be together.  We will have been married 10 years… then then.. I am going to have my big wedding/renewal of vows and my big ass wedding ring that is waiting for me at Tiffany’s in Harrods….(yup you got that right, I don’t wear a wedding band because from the very begining I have wanted a BIG SPARKLY GOLD 18 carats wedding band and nothing less)…. and here you were thinking that I am not high maintenance! 🙂

let me keep elaborating my dream wedding… I am enjoying myself…so on my wedding, I will get to wear my ivory dress which has red burgundy something on it (and it will not be sleeveless. I abhor those ugh!) I will have three rings on that day.. my engagement ring…(which I will pick out).. my wedding band.. which will match his (his will be a big ass one too!) and my life commitment ring from him to me. He gets two rings as well. Wedding and life committement.  You only get the LC ring after 10 years of marriage! The LC thing I copied it straight from an old friend. her hubby gave it to her once they clocked 10 years.

lovely dream!

Goodnight darlings!

Comments on: "Mrs O: The Dresses: My Take" (2)

  1. Hello Mama Bandit..
    Your wedding dreams are funny..and grand..lol..lakini If that’s what you want, then dammit so should you!! Re: the dresses..funny, I think quite the opposite..loved the Greenish dress she wore..loved the bling on it..( she is married to a guy that’s part Luo..after all he he)It was classy and feminine..loved the fabric too. The ‘white’ dress didn’t quite turn me on.Dunno…she has a great bod..and i loved that she showed off her arms and shoulders..I just can’t put my finger on it..however, I do think she looked great..she would look good in burlap that one!

  2. Medusaaaa!

    Happy new year! good to hear from you.

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