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I Testify

I promised I would          testify. Read on.

One day, I got on my knees (figurativley) and prayed.  I asked for a number of things and promised that if those things came through, I would testify to God’s greatness.

Last week I was on the bus to town. As I got off I noticed an African lady with braids that could only have been done in Kenya or Uganda. So I decided I would  say hi. She was ahead of me.. walking really quick. I hurried, caught up and proceeded to introduce myself.  Her english was broken but good enough to carry out a conversation. I asked where she was from, she said Kenya so we switched to swahili. She was on her way to work. I asked where, she told me. I asked if they were looking for people, she said yes and told me to drop of my CV. Later in the day she called me and warned me not to mention her name.

The next day I called and was told that all I had to do was go down and fill some forms. That I did.  I was told they were not looking for any people but they would hold on to my CV. Saturday I got a letter inviting me to an interview.  I begin work on Wednesday. A day from today.

I am  🙂  😀  God has delivered. Added to that, I got the confirmation that I can start my ka-parttiime course IN DANISH on 4th Feb.

My testimony is this: He works. He delivers. You just have to hold up your part of the deal!

3 hours later…….
ok, ok, ok! my nagging conscious won’t let me go without me saying this.

Deep breath…. my job..or rather my ka-job is a …. deep breath… BLUE COLLAR JOB!  there I said it!

I am so ashamed to admit that after the euphoria of being offered the job on the spot, my spirits deflated. I was like.. ..

“ok.. so this is it God! Thank you for the job! but.. but … but…ok…. so maybe this is my period of humility and stuff… I am grateful but …. and I don’t want to be grateful with a but…. I want to be saying thank You with all the gladness in my heart”

And no.. I have not only been applying for blue collar work. My approach has been two pronged. I have sent apps for the kind of work I want and to the blue collar ones. (I am still debating on whether or not to tell my dad about my job… if you think I have hangups about blue collar work… you ain’t yet met daddy dearest!) And yes, this is a reflection of my hangups on status, education, selfworth and work.

I won’t lie.. I had to have a little one-on-one with God after I got home.

It’s now 5 hours since I got the good news and about 3hrs since I had my one-on-one with God and I am fine and VERY GRATEFUL.

I felt that I had to acknowledge all of these feelings here otherwise the post would not have been authentic… and you all know I am trying my best to be the best person I can be… that means being authentic and all.

One thing remains though…. God is Good!

Comments on: "I Testify" (12)

  1. Hurraaaay! Very happy for you! and my best wishes as you start on your job!

  2. Thanks Mwari!

    I will admit that I am nervous and worried. It is a big change for all of us! but I am keeping focused on the positive and giving thanks for the job. I was updating my excel sheet of jobs applied for. In all since Dec 5th 2008 I have applied for 25 jobs and have recieved “we regret” letters for 20 applications. I still have 4 applications pending.

  3. sunnykay9 said:

    Every work opportunity is an op to work. Good for you! The benefit of being employed and what that does for your syke for life, that in itself is worth celebrating. You testifying is a great thing, God is mambo yote.

  4. Congrats dearest and yes God works in miracle ways. Always trust your power if you just lengad the lady you would not have made it.
    How is Nik?

  5. Amen. All the best!

    PS, I’m doing the job application thing myself now, and I love the idea of the excel sheet.

  6. @ Ka – Thanks

    @ Sunnykay: That is precisely what I am reminding myself… earning money far outweighs earning no money…and I have a clear plan for my career.. praying that God backs me on that plan and if not.. I keep the faith that He has the best for me…(woi… I sound like an evangelist!)

    @Nakeel: even me I was marveling at the decision to talk to J.(as the woman is known. Nikh is fine, active, hilarious and driving me up the wall with his antics. He feels ati he is such a big boy and he must have what he wants… otherwise he screams the house down.. but he is now learning who the boss is 🙂

    @Rombo: Good luck with the job applications. The excel sheet or rather table, came about as a way of having a concrete measure of how many jobs I have looked for. You know how some people say.. “I have been looking for work” then you ask how many jobs have you applied for and they are like… “I think 6” and I am like eh?? hiyo siyo kazi! get busy applying. By March I have hoping to have applied for another 25. With the job now.. I am hoping to average 3 job apps a week.

  7. The honesty…
    When I first started working, I worked as an intern for 3months without pay, this was followed by another 3 months earning about 200bob a day. The tea lady was earning more than me and was flossing about it to all. Now I am in my third year at the company, have enough money to move out of my parents house and even educate myself. When you feel frustrated, and you will, just remember that God has your back.

  8. sunnykay9 said:

    There is no problem with sounding like an evangelist – preach it!

  9. This is one of the nicest posts I have read in a very long time! It actually made me cry…and I don’t really cry.

    I am so happy for you, blue collar or not have fun with it and God bless you sana!

    ati I made you cry.. now you are going to make me cry.. because I made you cry! 🙂

  10. Afrofeminista said:

    Wira ni Wira (work is work). What counts, you are getting a paycheck, are happy and you have proof God answers your prayers…isn’t that the biggest thing? take care, focus on putting one foot in front of the other and living in the now, you’ll do well…you ARE doing well…bless!


  11. I deleted a comment by mistake…. pole.. was going to say that calling me a hustla was a well received compliment. I have never thought of myself thus!

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