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The new, the old.. no ugly!

So about my job! …. it is good to have a job even a blue collar one. I have been surprised at how pleased I have been and how my gratefullness has increased with each passing day I have had the job.The idea that at the end of this month, there will be a pay check is soo soo joyous and liberating. It is doing wonders for my self confidence… will get to that later.

So what do I do? hilo ndilo swali! I work at a laundromat (that’s the best English equivalent I can come up with) The laundromat does all the laundry for the two regional hospitals. The clothes come in by trucks,  get sorted out(by humans) into washing machines that are the size of a small kitchen.  You next see the clothes when they are dry. They fall into these big bins with wheels. That’s where human hands come in again. We get the clothes from the bins (by clothes, I mean anything used by a hospital or old peoples homes) and feed them into a machine depending on what item you have. Different stuff goes to different machines. The machines then  iron and fold the clothes and when they come out the other end of the machine, my job is to pack them into these trolleys and off they go to packing department and back to the hospital or home and the cycle begins again.

It is in no way a physically taxing job. (except for the fact that I have to get used to standing for 7 hours straight.. still adjusting to that). Every 2 hours we get a 15min, 10min and 25min break. I start at 6.15 and finish at 2.00pm. That allows me to get home by 2.50pm in time to pick Nikh from daycare at 3.30pm.  I have to walk there, so I bascially get home, drop my bag, pick his juice and pushchair and start off to daycare.

Big Al has surprised me by how well he has handled baby’s morning routine now that I am no longer in picture.  He has taken it all in stride and he and Nikh are thriving, so much so that the other day when I picked him up…he was not so excited to see me.. he kept asking for his papa….. and I felt a little jealous… ala.. how soon you forget son of mine!! (that is my admission of not believing that Big Al would “manage” managing the morning routine!) 🙂

The only downside is the starting time.  A 6.15am start means I am up at 4.45am and out of the house latest 5.25am if I am to make the bus. If I miss the 5.30am bus, I am late..and so did I on my second day.. how embrassing!

So there you have it.. my job in a not so small nutshell.

Being a working mother and wife means that I have had to take my planning skills to a whole new level. For things to run smoothly and for me to still have time with hubby and baby and to myself.. I have devised a plan that I cannot deviate from. It looks like so:

When I get home from picking baby from daycare about 10mins to 4.00pm: We chill for a hour; for  me to rest and enjoy my child and for him to transition from daycare. Chilling means being on the floor with him, watching his favourite cartoon, if he allows I check my email. We also pig out.. on food and whatever.

5:00 -7:30pm: I begin my other job.. cook food, iron Nikh’s and my clothes for the next day. pack my work bag. eat dinner, brush babies teeth, Big Al does dishes or washes the baby. Pack my lunch and breakfast. If I wash the dishes, Big Al washes baby and vice versa. It’s a toss of the coin who puts baby to sleep. I have been since I started working cause I have been going to sleep at the same time!

By 8.15 baby is usually asleep and that is now time for mummy and daddy.. but latetly… refer to last sentence of previous paragraph.

I am off every wednesday and thursday.. (but not tomorrow.. there is overtime at work and I chose to work).

The gym has been waylaid at the moment .. I am hoping that once I get into full stride of my new routine I should manage the gym at least 3 times a week. On my two days off and on Saturdays. (talking of the gym.. I have lost some weight.. hooray for me.. nothing giganomous.. but I have seen the results of having gone to the gym and cutting back on unnecessary snacking)

So that is about it: I have spent the morning doing 2 rounds of laundry, cleaning the house, I have a mountain of clothes to fold and put away.. cook food for tonight and pick the baby up. In between all this, I am trying to figure out how to squeeze in time to get a new pair of sneakers and a school bag in the next remaining 2 hours. I start school tonight.

I am loving my life at the moment.

See you around

PS: as far as job hunting goes, I have decided to give it a rest for the next month or so. I recieved another “we regret” letter yesterday from the one job I thought I had a fight chance at! I even considered writing back and asking why they did not give it to me… still have three pending responses….

PSS: I will do the post about self confidence another time. Gotta go.. time’s awasting.

Comments on: "The new, the old.. no ugly!" (5)

  1. Mrembo,

    I’m really enjoying your chronicling of what’s going on in your life right now.

    And, methinks with the standing 7hrs a day and the walking up and down, you’re probably going to get to save the money you would have spent on the gym.

    gym is on hold at the moment… I specifically joined a gym that did not tie me into one of those long ass contracts so that I could terminate my membership when need be. I want to hold onto it until max April. If I have not managed to use it 3 times a week.. then I am out.

  2. sunnykay9 said:

    Hey Mrembo, What a way to hit the ground running! Work is good for the spirit, it makes sense, and its great to know you have a direct effect on some process too. Go Mrembo!

    Asante.. I will keep going!

  3. mrembo, just being out of the house for a good cause (month end paycheck!)is more than good for your wellbeing. And ofcourse 7 hours of standing will get you closer to your goal weight.

    hapo umenena!

    However, me thinks you should still apply for jobs. Strangely, i have found that when you have a job, it is easier to get another, than we you don’t have any.

    again, I agree with you. I am just taking a little break from it while I get into rhythm of my new life.. work, getting up early, school, homework… and usual mommy, functions. I will get back to it next month

    Also,(forgive me for going on and on…)as you really desire to get a better job, if you stop applying (even for a month..or 2..or 3)there is a tendency to get acquinted with the current job, until you get settled in it and later not wanting to change. ok, i will stop there now!

    .. no apologies needed :-)… .. there is no danger of me getting comfortable in that job. I will admit that .. that was one of my fears… that topic deserves a whole post of it’s own.. i may i may not oblige…. the short of it is that.. .. I battled very hard with this very issue, for I have seen people caught up in it and absolutely do not want to… like I said.. a post of its own…

    pole about being sick.. hope you will be better when you next read this.

  4. Real one? said:

    Hi Mrembo,

    You have a great blog! I have been following it for quite some time now. (more than 2 years Thank you for sharing all your experiences

    Congratulations on the new beginnings,I believe there is more to come.

  5. @ Real One: Asante.. and stay tuned 😀

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