A few things about me

Why I Blog

The tag “why I blog” was making it rounds not too long ago and it got me thinking.. again! (about a year ago or so, if my memory serves me right this very tag was buzzing through KBW and I do think I responded to it.. will link it here if I find it)

As I pondered the issue I came to the following conclusions:

  • I blog for me
  • I blog for my audience
  • I blog to remain sane
  • I blog to release the musings in my head
  • I blog because I have a wannabe writer within me
  • I blog because it gives me pleasure
  • I blog because sometimes I want/need to express my inner vanity
  • I blog to make sense of my sometimes confused thoughts
  • I blog to get encouragement
  • I blog to blog!

So there you have it… not so complex.. just plain simply Mrembo.

I’m feeling lots of love for you all so here is a big big BIG KISS *mwah” to you and you and you!

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