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The coconut cake is baking in the oven, tonight is take-out night, tomorrow’s Saturday, I am rested, relaxed and chilled… so what better way than to talk about my passion

Cakes and Magazines (plus novels and chips!… I can live on chips (as in french fries) year in year out!). Before we had our son I used to spend on magazines like crazy. Every kind you could think of, from the gossip weeklies to News Week. When we moved out of our first property in England, I was embarrassed by the amount of magazines I had to throw out.. must have weighed like a ton and that was just for that year. I then made the conscious effort to cut back on my purchases by being more discriminating. That I did.. though I still spent an obscene amount. Then we moved to Denmark.

Denmark meant one income, 25% VAT and bloody expensive magazines, especially the English ones. For x-mas ’06 hubby got me a year’s subscription to Oprah and I tried tried to cut back on buying magz. I was down to buying about 1 or 2 magz a month.  Then my danish got better and I was able to read more and more and slowly I have started buying them again. In a way I am OK with buy the Danish ones because I feel I get to learn more about Danish culture and all the stuff you can’t really get to know by asking someone. I have been sucked into the Royal family and tend to buy the tabloid that focuses on Royals around Europe. (me thinks Princess Mary of Denmark has the most X-factor of any current royal).

I have lost track as to why I started this post about magazines.

Anyway… I am now more discriminating about what I buy. I don’t buy Oprah anymore because it’s the same articles over and over.. though I am getting the one with Mrs O on the cover. (I love all things Mrs O, I even bought this months Vouge which had her on) Vogue is one mag I just never could get into. A lot of the magazines repeat stuff over and over. No there is no one true diet, no there is no secret to dressing this way or that way and no there is not hottest must have item because next month there is another and another and another you get the drift. Mostly I now buy for the feature articles or interviews.

Now I remember why I started this post. It was about fashion and mags. Was it last year I decided to be more stylish and pay closer attention to what I was wearing. I think it was. The result of that is that I have become more aware of the fashion pages in magazines. Especially the African mags. (Every time I travel which is not so often or when hubby is in UG or KE, I make sure he gets me all the African Woman Magazines and True Love East AFrica that he can lay his hands on). The fashion pages just drive me wild with glee and happiness. Just to see beautiful gorgeous AFrican women and to read issues from the AFrican woman’s perspective, the interviews… My True Loves never get thrown out.

As to whether I have implemented what I am learning about fashion is another story all together. Being stylish is hard work and high maintenance. To have your hair looking ish means work every morning and night (which I am not into and never have been into). Dressing stylish means spending a certain amount on clothes and clothes shopping and being aware of what matches what in your wardrobe (which is hard work because I buy what I like, I do not stop to think… “this will go with this.. if I buy this, what will I wear it with”). I am a jeans girl. Always have been. I could live in jeans year in year out. Right now I have so many.

A few weeks ago I was feeling, ugly, dowdy, unfeminine and plain FUGLY, so I convinced my hubby to use his pay pal account to buy me some jeans I had seen on www. pzijeans.com. I came about that site after deciding that it was not me who had the problem but the fashion industry. Their narrowmindedness totally ignores a whole market of women, hence I googled “jeans for curves” and hey presto. I even got SKINNY JEANS and I look hot. Hubby thinks I look hot! I got three pairs (not all skinny) at a very good price (even with the taxes added that I had to pay prior to collection the post office)

Talking of post office I must give a shout out to Kenya Post and Telecommunications.  Whenever mum and sis send me slow mail (usually pictures from all the family gatherings/events I am missing) I get them within 3 days. This has happened 3 times in a row and I am like… woha! If they send the stuff Monday… lastest Thursday I have it here.

With that note, I want to share this website with you. I am not sure who the target market is… but it is certainly not me. I discovered them they intially launched, read them for a while then sorta stopped then today I got an email and …. viola!. The current issue is so not me.. I am not feeling it at all.. hence the comment on target audience. Enjoy www.mimimagazine.com

The cake I baked is one of my best so far. I love to eat cake you have no idea!

PS. I started this post at about 4.30pm It is now 22.39pm.  This is how blogging works these days. I took an oath with myself that my son, my hubby, my school work, my home, my novels come first in that order then blogging. I am so pressed for time these days. I sat down and wrote out what I do every hour of the day and was shocked at how litterally every hour is used on something, so I need to cut back on stuff and that includes the gym until I finish school. That will free up a lot of time for me.

Last tip of the day. A quote from Mrs O.  (I have paraphrased it) She said  she works out is because if makes her feel good and it is important for her daughters that she feels good . Then only will they grow up feeling good about themselves. I so agree about that.

Talking of gyms, I reached my goal weight at the begning of this month (as earlier plegded) . I am so pleased.  I am about 300grm over the target weight. I am now aiming to loose another 2 kgs. My goal is to arrive there through smaller portions. (I say that with doubt given that I had chips/fries for lunch, take out for dinner, cake for dessert… what hope do I have 🙂


I hate living in a flat. I cannot wait for when we finally get our own little house. My son can then scream, play, sing, dance and shout as much as he wants withoug me being bothered about disturbing the sleeping neighbours. He woke up early today, so we have started our Saturday earlier than I would have liked, but that’s ok. Gives me the chance to say what I have been wanting to say.

This is the post that I owe.

About two weeks ago when I wrote the post “That that I owe” I was still engaged in mental warfare. Trying to find peace in my soul. Being positive and wondering why the hell it took so much energy to stay positive focused and happy. Then I blogged, you all responded and I went away to ponder what you had all said. I was slightly pissed. My thought was “yeah yeah whatever.. that’s what they think but that’s not the reality for me”.

Trying to be peaceful had been a struggle every day. The constant pep talks I gave myself. “stay positive, stay focused, it will happen, confess positively.. and the most embrassing part.. I became religious (this topic is a post on its own.. coming to a blog near you).

Come Wednesday night two weeks ago. I had returned from school and was catching up on some reading. My husband sat across me doing some work on his laptop. I begun to talk.  Giving voice to my troubled state of mind.  Some time back he had asked me to watch Steve Jobs speech to Standford’s graduating students (available on youtube). We had discussed the speech and during the course of the discussion he had said

“I think that one day, somebody who has failed (who isn’t a 220 shining bulb) should give the speech. Tell the kids what that is like”

Mrembo: Yeah, someone like me.. but here is the thing, what would be the point of it. It has to have a message”

We volleyed back and forth and let it go in laughter cause we could not come up with a positive spin on the “When you fail, When you don’t succeed” speech.

That was what was on my mind when I was talking to him that Wednesday. I then brought up two anecdotes from stuff I had read recently. One  was an interview with the actor who plays Sawyer on “Lost” and another by Oprah.. about how she got the part Sophia in “The Color purple”. My intention at that point was to show my husband that sometimes one also has to know when to call it quits. When to say “you know what, I have tried at this and it has failed. I have given it my all and it has come to nothing. This is it. It’s over, goodbye.. I am not sailing this boat anymore” He begun to disagree with me. We discussed it, dissected it. I wanted him to see it for himself. I did not want it to be me to show him what it is I was getting to. FINALLY he saw it. Finally he saw it.

Sawyer from Lost says that before he got that part, he had been in hollywood 10+ chasing the movie star dream. Nothing had happened in the 10years plus so he told his wife that he was giving it all up and going to get his real-estate license. 4 days after that decision he got the part for Sawyer. Oprah said she wanted to play Sophia so bad. Went for audition, didn’t get the call. Disappointed, crying.. she “surrended” (her words not mine) the dream. A few minutes later she got the call.

2 Wednesdays ago.. I let it all go and boy the peace. The peace!! I am done fighting, struggling. I am not deluding myself and saying.. oh a phone call on it’s way. I am done. It’s all right if somethings do not happen. I am doing my bit. No longer am I chasing the dream.  If that is how hard it was meant to be.. I am not playing cause it was sucking the life joy out of me.

As a result I just feel so much calmer and peaceful and content and happy. I still have dreams but they are no longer do or die situations. I want a house. I want to own a house and I know without a doubt in my mind I will own a house and not in the sunset years of my life.. but at a time when I can enjoy it. We are doing what we have to do to get it.. but not longer is it something that stresses me.

Don’t know if you get what I am saying. But that is how I feel.

With refrence to the Mandela Speech by Miram Willamson “We are greater beyond our wildest dreams”.. to that and all the “you are star” self help quotes etc etc. There is an element of truth in them. But there is also the truth that we can’t all be “Generals” some people are meant to be footsoilders and there is nothing wrong with that. One just has to know where and who they are and shine where they are at.

Some of you may read this and think.. she plain out has failed. That’s ok.

Bottom line is.. I am  GENUIENLY calmer and happier than I have been in a long time and this time, I think I have a handle on the real thing.


On the fly…..

The heading was about to be “Quick hits” then I thought … ah..that is Kenyan Pundit’s . So I came up with” on the fly”.. because some where in my mind I am associating it with.. moving quickly, I may have heard it somewhere, just not sure where.

Let me tell you how busy I have been… salala! I have been busy. On top of all the busy-ness I caught a cold from Nikh knocked me out which meant, I missed class this week. Was already behind on my reading and homework. Today I open my email and find the reading due for next week plus the homework we are to submit … IN DANISH!  I am overwhelmed. Then to top all that off.. I worked 5 days this week.. just got my paycheck and shook my head in dismay.. is this what I am waking up at 4.45am for…. wahca tu.

Now you know how busy I am… until things let up.. you will not be hearing from me. I know I owe a post. I have written it a hundred times over in my head while doing all my various chores and work. I will get to it.. promise.

Inspite of my busy-ness I must tell you that I did find time to read my new obsession.  I discovered an author called Nalini Singh and I am hooked kabisa.. yes it is romance ala paranormal, shapeshifting genre! What do you think of that!

My husband is dismayed, first vampires, now shapeshifters… let me just say you have to be an avid romance reader to understand what I mean.

Till later darlings! I gotta fly!!