A few things about me

On the fly…..

The heading was about to be “Quick hits” then I thought … ah..that is Kenyan Pundit’s . So I came up with” on the fly”.. because some where in my mind I am associating it with.. moving quickly, I may have heard it somewhere, just not sure where.

Let me tell you how busy I have been… salala! I have been busy. On top of all the busy-ness I caught a cold from Nikh knocked me out which meant, I missed class this week. Was already behind on my reading and homework. Today I open my email and find the reading due for next week plus the homework we are to submit … IN DANISH!  I am overwhelmed. Then to top all that off.. I worked 5 days this week.. just got my paycheck and shook my head in dismay.. is this what I am waking up at 4.45am for…. wahca tu.

Now you know how busy I am… until things let up.. you will not be hearing from me. I know I owe a post. I have written it a hundred times over in my head while doing all my various chores and work. I will get to it.. promise.

Inspite of my busy-ness I must tell you that I did find time to read my new obsession.  I discovered an author called Nalini Singh and I am hooked kabisa.. yes it is romance ala paranormal, shapeshifting genre! What do you think of that!

My husband is dismayed, first vampires, now shapeshifters… let me just say you have to be an avid romance reader to understand what I mean.

Till later darlings! I gotta fly!!



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