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What happy Easter

So far my Easter has sucked. Good friday I got some “YUCK” news from home.. which had me on the phone back and forth with mum trying to sort things out, blowing my phone bill budget to hell. (I am trying to get my foreign calls under control; all this savings and living within your means stuff)

Then Big Al has been working through it all. Big project hand in on Tuesday.. so you can imagine.. no hubby, no help.. just me and baby.

Then baby was misbehaving thursday and friday. Tantrums the works. And not just at home.. but in town.. when I took him to the free park which has semi-wild deer and pigs and other animals. He is 2 years old. He thinks every animal is to be petted like his grandmother’s dog. So he goes off running towards these deers trying to pet them. They start hissing.. I pull him away.. he throws himself of the groundย  screaming his protest at being taken away from the animals. All the other kids are perfection.. there I am chasing this 2 year old.. swearing to myself how I am will kill him when we get home.ย  We lasted less than 15 minutes at that place.. I was like “no way this boy is going to embrass me like this”


I was in a tiff when we got home. Then he starts acting up. On the way home I was like “Mrembo this is all your fault. You are lax on your discipline and he needs to understand “no” one time and one time only”

So I start enforcing the NO…sweet Jesus.. the tantrum.. wacha tu.. but I was determined to win. it involved me saying no.. him throwing himself on the floor screaming his head off. By the time Big Al showed up both baby and I were drained. So Thursday is gone, Friday whole day spent doing the same.. though I took him to the indoor playground for 2.5hrs.. let him get some steam off. Come back home.. repeat the battle of wills. Then at 9.00pm he spikes a fever, vomiting.

In the meantime I have been in a mood since the phone calls.. .. also in a tiff because hubby aka my best friend is working over Easter and yes I know he has to work and it’s not his fault.. but the irrational part of me is pissed of because.. it’s Easter.. I have 4 days at home.. can we not spend it as a family bonding… noooooo work… I hate work! So yeah.. I’m in a mood.. and he picks on the mood. I deny I am in a mood about his work. Cause what’s the point of burdening him with it. He senses I am pissed, if I acknowledge it.. then he gets into a mood and is zero productive at work.. and things will just get shitty. And he is also feeling guilty about working over Easter cause he KNOWS it’ aint right.. but deadline’s a deadline.I Acknowledge the mood about the phone calls. The phone call mood ended Friday morning..but the work thing.. (work has been an on going “issue” in this house).

then to top it all by end of Friday I have not managed to accomplish a single thing I had drawn up on my “to do Easter Break list” things like “hang up new curtains” “clear out baby’s room” “sort out clothes wardrobe”

Today has been easier baby wise…. cause all morning he was still feverish.. so energy levels were nearing zero levels. There still a lingering mood in the house. I manage 3 hours of alone time in town.. shopping 4 baby shoes, groceries and browsing. I see all the shoes I want and can’t afford.

The day ends well. Baby falls asleep next to me on the couch at 7.15pm. I buy an e-book (was crap), I read some school book chapters, Big Al hangs up the curtain (lots of cursing and muttering involved…me I am in the sitting room away from all of it….)

Crappy EAster.. I k now. Loooking forward to summer break.

I still have Sunday and Monday there’s still time to Easter to redeem itself

Hope you had a great one

Comments on: "What happy Easter" (2)

  1. Too funny…

    Believe, I can relate to Big Al. As for the drama with the little one – just be prepared to be embarrased for a while with them temper tantrums. Especially when folks look at you on the street with that “how dare you” face as you drag him out of a shop kicking and screaming.

    The work vs bonding time at home is a paradox and not worth stressing about too much. Without the work, there’s no home and place to have that family bonding time.

    You are right about the work vs bonding time and that is why I did not want to stress him about it. We had a good talk about it and my man is just supa! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kenyanreality said:

    Hi Mrembo,

    I have always wondered if I can handle a family (and especially a baby) but I do hope if(when)I get there I will have the grace & energy you have.

    You have described it perfectly as “battle of wills” – they do come with serious willpower (and seem to also come with a PhD in Psychology :))

    I do hope Easter redeemed itself ๐Ÿ™‚

    KenyanReality… all those compliments made my evening. Thank you.
    Believe it or not you will find the energy grace and amp.. because you will want to do the best for your little one. There is a way they just grab hold of your heart and you will bleed for them but on the flip side.. they will drive you nuts, embarass you, make you swear up and down …

    Easter did redeem itself beautifully ๐Ÿ™‚ My man drives me crazy then makes me blush and giggle like a teenager and makes my heart do funny things!

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