A few things about me

I’m scared.

For the past week I have had this strange sensation at the bottom of my big toe. It feels like there is something crawling on the bottom of my toe. Then there’s the feeling like it got burned but is now healing. Very strange. It is not numbness or tingling.. just like something is crawling on me and I have to brush it off and scratch it. 

The feeling is now on and off on my palms and other foot.  I thought it would pass. Now I have to go see the doc.

I really do not want this to be serious. I am leaning towards diabetes but thinking.. nah ah! I can,t be diabetic. I ain’t fat. Had some tests a few weeks ago and doc said I am as normal as can be. What the heck can this be. Tomorrow’s a public holiday so can’t see the do til monday.



oh and I just looked at my draft box and I have 6 posts in there that have yet to see the light of day.  They suck. delete

Comments on: "Go ahead and diagnose" (1)

  1. LOL but I totally sympathise. Many years ago I had thought I had diabetes too.(the big toe tingling thing) Even went to the diabetes clinic in Hurlingham. But it was nothing. Fear tu! Have a great day.

    wewe stop laughing! 🙂 I am truly freaked out. Monday I am so calling my doc for an appointment to get my blood sugar checked. The sensation is still there and totally freaking me out. Then I made the mistake of googling it and salala!…

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