A few things about me

I have been wanting to do the post on sex after reading a thread at Mashada that was started by Sanaa (I think she used to have a blog then closed it). The thread was about anal sex.

I laughed, blushed, squirmed, was disgusted, laughed some more, told hubby about the post, we both laughed. I was appalled, freaked out, tickled.. basically it made for good reading and entertainment.

Reading it I drew the conclusion that I am a prude. I could never ever discuss sex the way it was. I will not even give my point  of view on the various sex variations to even my closest friends.

In my world that stuff is for me and hubby to discuss. End of.

anyway.. it as an interesting thread.

What is my take on sex.. none of ya business!

Good night lovely people


Comments on: "Let’s talk about sex baby!" (1)

  1. basi umeiandika kwanini? there is another blog about a married couple’s sex life. i dont remember its url but i get pingbacks from it time and time again. that woman…………hebu nisiseme

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