A few things about me


This is an incomprehensive list of my memorable movies and why so:

  • The Secretary : very sexy movie very! James Spader who first caught my attention Boston Legal is amazing in it.
  • A History of Violence : best sex scene ever on film! Hot


and that’s just about it! so yeah.. I got sex on the brain! lol


Comments on: "Movies" (3)

  1. Eh? What sex scene in HOV? You mean where the wife is wearing the cheerleader uniform? Hmm not so hot unless of course you like role playing.

    How have you been?

    • @ Gay Nairobi Man: The stair case scene.. after she found out who he truly was.. ebu watch it again! I watched that movie like 2 years ago and still remember that scene.. sad! nah more like hot 🙂

      I’ve been very good hoping the same to you and yours.

  2. ha ha ha interesting Mrembo, i have been reading your blog since a long time, i love the way you write….read mine now? ha ha ha ha

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