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Nobody, nobody

not a single person on earth has thier shit together.

I’m like this. If I like something or impressed by something, I have to find out everything about it or her/him. Yesterday I posted about “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck. I mentioned I had read the book many years ago. I bought it a few days ago at my ka-usual secondhand book store and I am currently on page 99. That is slow by my standards but I am so into the book and so wanting to understand it that I am taking it a page at a time… i.e. slowly.

Anyway a few mintues ago I googled M. Scott Peck and find this very interesting interview and all I can think.. is “what the fuck.. how can he have fucked up his life so much  yet have written so hot a book.. a book that is considered the granddaddy  of all self help. Yesterday, without having read this article I called it the mother of all selfhelp.. and then he goes and messes up his life like this.. ala!

So there you have it. My take it this.

There are some truths out there. Some very obvious some not so . As an individual you have to find them and cultivate them into your life. You can’t look to anyone as a road map on how to live your life cause everyone is FUCKED UP.. its just a matter of degrees.  Live life, be happy, be good, be mean (when called for) be selfish, be strong (Cause this world will eat you up if you’re not) be happy and face the reality of your life. That’s what I think for now.. who knows what I will think tomorrow.

In ending I will say this.. M. Scott Peck’s life as per the interview is yet more evidence that all self help books must be read with a handful of salt and NO BODY has their shit together. We are all the same..

Have a fantabulous day!


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  1. Eef Dee Eye said:

    Well said.
    Who do you trust nowadays? There was a time I believed anyone who stood up on the pulpit. Guess it is life and we know for the most part it is (to borrow your words LOL) F!@ked up! (I like the way the English say – Pardon my French)

    Interesting. Let go and piut my sh!t together.

    One trust’s only themselves. I do believe that some people, lots of people have many good things to say, one just has to sift it all the use what makes sense to you and what applies to your life and not look to the “person” as a guru. I was guilty of that i.e. Putting people up on pedstals.. then you begin to hear about thier lives and realise “I have it much more together than they do”

  2. Eef Dee Eye said:

    I should have added something positive:

    There’s goin’ be some stuff you gon’ see
    that’s goin’ make it hard to smile.
    But through whatever you see,
    through all the rain and the pain,
    you gotta keep your sense of humor.
    You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit.
    Remember that.

    Amina! (amen)

  3. Cool Babe said:

    I agree with you Mrembo, there was a time i was having the shits in most of my relationships and i resorted to books, i read ‘why men marry bitches’, ‘Why men love bitches’ Love, eat, Pray among many others, but at the end of of it all, i learnt that you cant really rely on someone ideas on a piece of paper to lay rules for ya’ so i went into relationships using my rules and am in a very fulfilling relationship….yes you are right, read the books with a pinch of salt….

    Glad that things are working out for you using your own rules! … but boy what a journey one has to make before they grasp the truth of my self. By the way that book “love Eat Pray”.. nope I did not read it but I saw the author on Oprah and I remember thinking.. “this is hogwash….I should also write some book and cash in” For some reason she really rubbed me the wrong way

    • Cool Babe said:

      Oh yes, it hasnt been easy, life is way too f7%$ked up for even own rules to work. Am glad that somehow mine are working, but after a long long journey!!

      Yeah Elizabeth is the author of the book and guess what? she financed her trips through being paid in advance by the publisher…..doesnt seem like she was going to find herself but rather to work. Anyways there are somethings in the book that are quite interesting..i would say an ace to keep.

  4. M Scott Peck is just an astute business man who knows when to bullshit. I’m not surprised at all he has a dodgy life. Nobody said you have to live your profession.

    • I so disagree with you when you say “nobody said you have to live your profession”

      Oh yes you do! The moment you stand up or write a book that essentially says “I have found the key to happiness, how to live life etc” I expect you to live by your words, failure to do so simply means that all you say is BS.

      If you have a minute read the article I linked.. very interesting and insightful.

  5. Mrembo…I can totally understand that there is an expectation that he lives what he preaches…but I guess I start from a different point of view.

    I don’t make the assumption that his intention was necessarily to use his own life successes and failures as a model for others to live. If this was the case, then your argument is equally valid.

    I take the reasonable assumption that like most authors around the world, he was writing books to get paid.

    Clearly he found out that his bs sold and made him laugh all the way to the bank. He’ll probably write another book about how he conned readers into thinking he had a model life and marriage and his life was always on the straight and narrow, yet the truth was that it was more fucked up than your average Jo Public. Guess what, that book would probably hit the best seller list.

    That’s why I suggest that he’s simply an astute businessman who recognizes that morality or a conscience are not necessarily essential ingredients to make money and bs sells if packaged in the right way. It simply boils down to the basic law of supply and demand and he who laughs on the way to the bank laughs loudest.

    • Hey Darius, thanks for clarifying and I understand your point. The book is actually quiet old.. written and published in the late 70’s hence it being held up as one of the quality or granddaddy all books self help. The author has been dead for some time now.. died in 2005.

      The kind of author you are talking about would be like the one Cool Babe is refering to in her reply (response 3) and in my opinion a lot of the TV preachers.

  6. kenyanreality said:

    Hi Mrembo,

    “Nobody has their sh*t together”

    Well said and something I should always keep in mind.

    Enjoy your week!

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