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Mashada mix

I’m fighting my demons.

I’m bored and as the saying goes, “an empty mind is the devil’s workshop”. I can’t sleep either, so I’ve been web-hopping and landed at Mashada.

Two things

This thread has really impressed me.. as in the fact it has not been derailed and the discussion. Given me stuff to think about. A lot of it mirrors the Munyakole/Muganda thing that has been going on in Ug for some time due to land issues. It also mirrors the existing Muganda/Acholi (mucholi) issue that has been going on for ever. Ati Luo and kyuks think they hate each other.. you have not tried the muganda /acholi cocktail.

This one on the other hand has scared me because it has roused my inner bigot-ness and I am having a hard time beliving I am like this, yet at the same time I find myself saying to my husband “I swear to God if they do anything stupid, even me I will fly back home to fight for Kenya. I don’t know why but I don’t like Somalis as a group.. on a individual level I have no issues.

Now I have to explain why I feel like this.  I feel that guns and gun crime came into Kenya cause of Somalis. I find their culture totally alien and exclusive and find it to be a culture that is TOTALLY AND UTTERLY unable to move with the times. I dislike how they dislike us and therefore I do not like them.

God! what difference is there between me and a white person who hates black people.

I believe humans are inherently flawed


Comments on: "Mashada mix" (3)

  1. You have the freedom of your opinion.But the contribution of crime by lawlessness in Somali is a fact.

  2. WOW – mashada – now that is a blast from the past. I’m not surprised of its contradictions though – when it was started kedo 10 years ago, it was always as controversial, though my take is that the lunatics took over that asylum a long long time ago…

    As for your issues with Somalis and gun crime – I think it is one of those inevitabilities considering its been a lawless state for the best part of 18 years. I remember once a Somali businessman was arrested in Garissa Lodge in Eastliegh for providing Somali passports at a price – and his take was simple – “This is an essential service and someone needs to provide it”. Clearly the authorities in Mogadishu were not providing that service…

    But I’d also suggest that a huge part of the current and future conflict of cultures between indigenous Kenyans and the influence of Somalia’s lawlessness is down to the incompetence of successive governments.

    The fact that there are issues now and that there are Kenyans who are likely to feel the same way you do is not a surprise and has never been a surprise. If your neighbour’s house is on fire, the fire will catch up with you if you just sit back and hope it will go away. Unfortunatley, Somalia has been on fire for a long long time, and Kenya has been burying its proverbial head in the sand for the last 18 years. If you’re neighbours house is on fire you run straight in with a bucket of water and throw it at the fire first and ask questions later.

    i had no idea Mashada is that old. like the analogy of neighbour’s burning house and it is so true.

    I have been thinking alot about my statement about no liking Somalis and I know is totally asinine for me to have said that.. but after through introsecption I still don’t know if I can retract that statment. Which really scares me.

    Every morning when I take the bus to work, I meet up at the bus stage with my somali posse. I talk to only one of the women cause I met her first and she was approachable. She is cool people. I remember talking to her about her kids etc and realising she wants the best for her kids just the same way I do. She does not send her kids to the school in our catchment area cause she does not want them to be badly influence. She lives in the Ghetto which is across the road from where I live. She is one of those Somalis from Somali not Kenya, I say this cause I have met one from Kenya and guy made me laugh saying.. “ah.. wao.. wantoka musituni”. I asked her if she would force her daughter to cover her hair and she was like.. it is up to her to decide.. a progressive Somali or so I think.. anyway.. since two other somali ladies joined us in the morning.. the most I get out of her is “good morning” and I am like.. what the … yet at the same time I understand why… why should she bother speaking to me in Danish.. and language we are not both good at”.

    Do I not like her because she is Somali….hardly the case. I have no animosity towards her. Yet at the same time I am so ready quick to dissassociate myself from them. When Danes mistakely ask me if I am from Somali… (all black people come from Somali.. according to most danes I have met and we are all muslim) I am like…NOOOOO.. as if I have been insulted.. what’s up with that…

  3. We should try to understand people as individuals as possible.

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