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Naughty stuff

Why I am telling you this.. I don’t know.. guess I just want you to smile.

I’m on some medication and will be on it for some time. Nothing major. Got a letter from the doctor a few days ago and results were fine and dandy.

The medication has a number of side effects. One of which is a crazy tingling feeling in the limbs. Remember I mentioned it here. Turned out that is what it was. I had just started the stuff and had not made the correlation.

The other side effect can go two ways. One is up the other is down.. for me it is up. How did I know this, while cruising the web looking for more info about the drug I am on, I found a support group forum for people on it and read through it.

My libido is off the charts. The other day I asked Big Al after revealing a few things to him about my current situation, which by the way he is ABSOLUTELY loving. As  far as he is concerned if I can be on this medication for life… he will not be complaining.

so I said to him “Is this how men think about sex all the time.. cause I have sex on the brain non-stop and it is bloody exhausting” He smiled and nodded “yup.. that is how it is for guys”. I was like dang!

I’m just glad it is not the other way as in decreased libido. Not even sure that the word libido can be used in relation to women and nope I don’t feel like checking it up

So here is a few tips to all of y’all that are feeling sexy.

Married sex is very good sex. I won’t lie quantity is likely to decrease over the years.. but you GOTTA SPICE it up. ati how you ask me.. JUST GOOGLE ala .. In our house QUALITY has never been an issue.. quantity.. hey,,, show me a married couple that ain’t bitching about quantity.. now if you have probs with quantity and quality.. you got issues baby.. for real

have a sexy read! I know I’m getting some tonight lol :-).


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  1. LOL! I nearly said this post was out of character…but its too funny.

    I’m picturing big Al having secret meetings with your doctor and organizing repeat prescriptions of the meds.

    …And on that note, I’m off to speak to ‘er indoors – just to check what meds she’s on….LOL!

    now what do I even say here.. sina mengineo! 🙂

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