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If your job consists of sitting at a desk. Thank your god. If you job has you sitting at a desk using your brain, even more thanks. If your job entails you actually using your education, your brain and sitting a desk, you need to make an offering of thanks to the powers that be.

I HATE my job. My body tells me everyday we need to quit. My brain says, “good idea.. then what do we do after we quit”. At the end of the day, my fingers hurt, my feet hurt and ache, now and then I get crinks and aches in my back. My job is slowly killing me, meanwhile my job applications are still soliciting “we are sorry, we regret, at this point we will not being going further” responses. Ugh!

Last year I joined a women’s network and was hooked up with a mentor. Point of the mentorship is that she is there to provide guidance, advice and encouragement on how to “intergrate” into danish society and help the mentee build a professional network with the aim of getting a job. The women’s network is targeted towards non-danish, university educated women living in Demark who are having a hard time getting employed. I have met women from all over the world at this club. Before I got my current Kibarua (job) I used to attend the meetings, trainings, seminars etc until I realised it was going nowhere..then I got my job and I stopped going. Towards the end it just became too much of negative stories. I got tired of hearing how companies were not hiring foreigners, how hard it was to get work, how women had to re-train as social helpers or daycare nannies and I was like.. this is not for me.

The reason I am going on about my job is because on Friday I got  hassled around about a potential job.  There was a position advertised internally at work and after two weeks of seeing the job ad, I decided to try it out. It would have meant more more money and a later start time. Currently I start work at 6.15am. which means I am usually up by 5.00am to catch the 5,30am bus that gets me to work at 6.05am giving me enough time to change into my uniform and be at my work station at 6.15am. The new job had a start time of 7.00m and a later finish at 14.45 as opposed to my current 14.00pm. Anyway, I talked to my superviser, she was like.. nope the positon is not filled and if you are interested, let me talk to the supervisor at that station and get back to you. She gets back to me saying I should go there Friday, get a hang of the job, if I like it, the job’s mine.. if not, report back to work on monday morning as usual. This conversation took place on Monday.

Come Friday I am at the new place.  I get into uniform and get attached to my trainer of the day. Oh I forget.. the job was as a “Sengevask” = bed washer. The job is exactly what the title says. Wash beds. The beds come in from the wards stripped of all linen. You wipe down the mattress, then move it to position A.  Roll the metal frame of the bed into the wet area, using a nice powered hose, hose the bed with water. Then move it to poisition B. GEt matteress from position A. Lay it on bed, make up the bed with the linens, roll bed out into corridor. Bed will later be picked up by some other guy.  The job is more physically demanding than what I currently do. The mattresses are the issue, they are heavy and you have to move them from bed to position A and back from position A to bed. I did two beds and figured this job was not for me..

Anyway later in the day, after me asking if the position was filled and everyone drawing a blank, the supervisor comes to me and says the position was filled internally on Thursday and had no one told me not to come. I was like huh! I spoke to supervisor on MOnday and all was settled. I did not work thursday so I got no feedback.. but if position is filled no probs.

I was kinda put off by the lack of info and them wasting my time. There was talk of me being used as a substitute when they are short and I was like. No thanks, I wanted it a full time positon. Working as a sub won’t work for me and my life right now. Thanks but no thanks.

So that was my work drama this week. At the same time I am glad I did not get it because the bus connection out to that place is hellish and with us moving out of town soon, it would have been a hassle. Big Al and I have talked back and forth about a second car. Jury is still out. Car ownership in Denmark is very expensive. It’s not the price of the car nor fuel. It is all the taxes. There a two yearly taxes that you have to pay. Then there is insurance which is bloody expensive etc etc. When you add the cost of having two cars.. Most Danes actually have one car. Very few own two cars.

Remember if you have a desk job. Thank God! What I would do for a desk job. Imagine you sit at a desk the whole day. Me I get to stand for 8 hours straight doing some repetitive motion. I need to get something else soon. Screw finance crisis.

Happy sitting

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  1. 2shortstraw said:

    do you own a house?

    Technically yes and no. The papers have been signed, the bank has approved the mortgage, the lawyer is still waiting on some replies from the seller regarding some issues he (lawyer) wanted sorted out first. We have given notice on the apartment etc etc. So technically we do not yet own it since we are not living in it and the monies have not been transfered to the seller. Yes because if we are to pull out now, we have to pay a penalty.. so you decide.. do I own the house or not… oh and my name is on the deed… that is for sure!

  2. kenyanreality said:

    Hi Mrembo,

    You have me in stitches, I cannot even get past the first paragraph. Now back to reading….

  3. kenyanreality said:


    I have thanked God for my desk job. Thrice.:) Because it actually does involve all three, a desk job using my degree and my brain. I need to print this for the days that I feel like not waking up to go to work!

    Have a great week ahead.

    Good for you and hope your week is going good.

  4. Pole Mrembo. What to say?! I really hope your moment is coming to get a proper job. What you are doing is really tough and I think you are one strong woman. Listen to your heart…

    Hey Mwari, there’s really nothing much to say :-). Some days I am super convinced that my proper job is on the way, other days I could care less, on others I get discouraged and think it is not going to happen for me. But most times I am quietly steadfastly optimistic that my chance is coming, perhaps not in the way of white collar employment but in another way. My biggest fear currently is that I will miss the opportunity when it comes around. There is a plan B simmering in the pot.. but that is not for a long long while.

    You’re the second person to have said this to me and I am very flattered though not convincied. When I think of strong a different picture comes to mind and I certainly have not fit that picture. None the less thank you.

  5. I will, and also pray that you get your dream job.

    asante kwa maombi

  6. My first thought is to comment on how strong you are, but I don’t necessarily mean in the physical omundu very strong sense…but perhaps strong willed or determined.

    I think all of us in life go through a phase where we do what we have to do to get from A to B, even though our ambitions want to take us to Z. It’s most definitely more difficult in a foreign land, but you seem the type of girl who’s determined enough to eventually make it.

    I have my own business now though its hard for me to see the idea of sitting at a desk doing what I want to do as a blessing…LOL! Stress more like it, especially when you have to shield and make sure your staff can do their jobs in a good environment, regardless of the madness that affects your business.

    Compliment noted and graciously accepted. Asante. I heard Denzel Washington say to Oprah, when being interviewed about the movie “The Great Debators” very good movie by the way, that he tells his children “do what you have to do so that you can do what you wanna do”

    nuff said.

  7. yayemarie2226 said:

    I have done both types of work so I understand what you are saying, hopefuly very soon a new oportunity will be opened to you 🙂

  8. Your blogs are very well written. This is engaging, refreshing and well articulated. I enjoyed myself.

    high praise indeed. Thank you and glad you enjoy yourself here.

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