A few things about me

Just because

When I find something I love and like of course I have to tell you about it.

Lots of blogs that focus on Africa focus on the NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE. Africa this that and the other! Generally I tend to stay away from them.

But but but, I think I have found a gem of a blog.  I love the photos, even the music. Let me first tell you how I hate blogs with music. Most times I don’t even stick around to read. When the music pops up.. I’m out!

But but but… this one is a gem stands out.

Anyway, stop by Yayemarie’s and see what she has on offer.  She demystifies West Africa for me. 



Comments on: "Just because" (3)

  1. I agree with you that most blogs that focus on Africa tend do deal with Africas negative side. More positive blogs on frica should come up

  2. yayemarie2226 said:

    Ohhh thank you for the “big up” , you know I found that there are plenty of other West African bloggers shedding positive light on Afrika, a few years back there weren’t so many, but Im glad to see the dev’of this blogging positive mouvement, i’ve added on the right side of my blog , blogs by country and by suject if you would like to discover others…
    diarama once again:)

  3. Thanks for picking out that blog for me. Yeah, there is much good to write about Africa. I promise to add yayemarieba to blogs I follow.

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