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him, me and Him.

don’t know why, but I just want to…. so here goes!

I apologise in advance for all the text being in one big block making it difficult to read.  things are just not working right and I am not willing to redo the post.  
22.05.09. He is now 2 years and 5 months old. Amazing how time flies.

22.05.09. He is now 2 years and 5 months old. Amazing how time flies.

July 09. After a day at the beach

July 09. After a day at the beach

July 09. After a day at the beach

July 09. After a day at the beach

It’s taken about 5 attempts to get this post up and running and now the cursor is stuck in the middle and I can’t move it back to the right.
 We have been home this week on our summer break. Actually an imposed summer break. Nikh’s day care closed for their annual 2 week summer break hence we were forced to stay home. Big Al was home the first week, while I worked then this week we have all been home. It has been so lovely, so lovely my visions of being a stay at home mum have intensified.. but let’s be realistic, it would not work long term. Good thing is that I have managed to complete a lot of things that were on my to do list. One of them was to apply for 2 jobs while on this break. So I sat down to start translating my CV into danish and was totally swamped. So was Big Al and finally I decided to have it translated professionally. Why it has taken me so long to have this done, I am still puzzling over that. It is costing me, but I figure it’s for the best.
Last night Big Al had me in stitches. We were talking and somehow got to reminiscing about living in the UK. He said
“remember how poor we were in England, those Friday nights when we would hunt down all the coins and money we had, go the chip shop and buy large chips and fish for like £2.50”
I laughed because the truth was we were so poor yet we didn’t even see it as being poor. At that time Big Al was a full time uni student and I had started working after finishing my studies. My salary at that time was £800 and our rent was £350 then there was council tax which was £90something, then electricity, water and heating and my monthly train ticket to work. Once all those costs were deducted we had like “NO MONEY”.
Big Al had savings which he used to pay for his studies and we slowly depleted them cause we had no money and we had both decided that he would not work while he studied nor would  either of us get a credit card. I remember travelling to Ug/Ke during those early years and someone saying to me that “you don’t look like you live abroad”. Money was tight those days, clothes and stuff was the last priority. We bought cheap cheap stuff and only when absolutely necessary. All my quality pieces were bought when shops would have like 70% sale. To date I think my most expensive item of clothing is winter jacket I bought for about £60 and it was crap. Even now I am hard pressed to buy anything at full price no matter how much I like it despite our money situation having improved (not as much but certainly better).  like the other day I found a skirt I really wanted for like DKK 150 and it was down from DKK 1200 when I intially saw it. Its finds like that that just make it impossible for me to spend big money on clothes and shoes. When it comes to furniture we have learned the hard way. We have bought cheap and paid the price, so we have decided that when we move into the new place, only quality stuff, no matter how long it takes us to save up to buy it.
I consider myself lucky that when it comes to money stuff, Big Al and I are on the same page. I won’t lie and say we don’t have mini fights and squibbles about money … we do. Usually it is because we have very different attitudes to money and we are still both learning how to accomodate the other’s perceptions and view points. I am tight fisted with it and he is easy with it. 
So that’s all folks. I am back to work next week. My  job hunt continues, my family here is good, back home things are goodish and life is good. Sina mengi

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  1. Hi Mrembo,

    Nikh’s smile – amazing! Time really does fly (and I have been reading your blog for over 2.5 years! :))

    Great pictures – thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful baby!

  3. your son is very cute
    I think it’s better to live within your means and I def’ respect the fact that big Al and u were reasonable enough to do it, have a lovely weekend:)

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