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I was watching Eric’s “Daima” DVD which Big Al bought for me last year while on work safari to Kenya. I had heard about it from “Archer aka Mwanamishale” and decided to get it.  After watching a few numbers, “Ukweli” being one of my favourites as well as “Adhiambo”.. I googled him to see if he had anything new and found this.

(sorry! I don’t know how to embed the clip from CNN..and it is way past my bed time.. so just click on the link below and watch the three video clips) 

Enjoy.. there is more at http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/africa/04/19/a<script  Ebu we support our fellow kenyan. I love his music. Sorry but akina Noni, Nameless etc just don’t do it for me. I think my taste reflects my age. I  am more into Suzane Ownyi , Nyota Ndogo etc. However with these young guys and girls and the new sound sijui.. genge or whatever name has been decided on, I cannot buy their stuff. I do admit to like a few songs here and there.. for example Nameless’ “Salari”. Stupid crazy song, but I love it.

Then here is another Uganda making waves in Hollywood. I had never heard of him till I started watching “Heroes” season 3 and as the credits rolled I noticed this long ass name and was sure it was Ugandan.. so hello google and lo and behold he is kabisa Ugandan. Me, I was proud like he is my brother. He plays the part of “Usutu” the african who can see the future. and he is very muzuri to look at 🙂

Ntare Mwine

Ntare Mwine

He has quite an interesting career in Arts and Entertainment. google then Wiki him and you will find out more.

oh and just in case you are wondering which other Ugandan is in Hollywood.. I actually went to school with her.. now isn’t that amazing. I get so tickled everytime I see her on screen,cause I actually know her.. not ati she was my friend or whatever but.. we went to school together. Here she is Ms Nana Hill.

Nana Hill If you www.imdb.com her you will find out more about her career. for the movie “it’s a good day to be black and beautiful”.. what I will say is first read about the movie and imdb to get an idea of what it is you will be watching then proceed.. otherwise you will not get further than 6 mins like I did 🙂

One by one East Africans are taking over the world hehehehe!


Comments on: "Eric Wainaina and Ntare Mwine" (7)

  1. I too don’t have an ear for all that Genge.Either that, or I’m too old. These kids even sing songs about singing.

  2. Not commenting on your post but to share that mrembo is Indoni in Zulu. So I like the Kiswahili word too

  3. Eef Dee Eye said:

    Hehe! I’m just glad that I’m not the only who suspect that taste of music has to do with age too. Lol.
    I guess that is why I’m still stuck with Brandy, Jodeci and the rest. The new generation has taken over I realized that immediately I came back home.

    I’ve settled for Bongo artistes the lyrics and probably just the swa is mwah!
    – Nonini and the rest though talented (judging form the attention they command) not working for me.

  4. Eef Dee Eye said:

    Oh forgot.
    Check out Ali Kiba on Youtube (Mark Muga – I think it is the title. That’s the first song I heard when I came back – maybe it is my story!)


    • I am so late on responding to your comment. My apologies.

      Your Mark Muga comment had me very intrigued and so I watched the video and kept thinking.. I really would like to hear your story. So what gives?? Hope things have finally worked out for you or are in the process of working out!

      Ama were you just teasing!

  5. I know how you feel. When i saw the name Edi Gathegi on my favorite show House MD, i had to pause it and Google. Yep, he is a Kenyan making it in Hollywood! Then last year, saw him again, this time, in Twilight. He is the black vampire (the bad ones)!

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