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On my mind

Heartwarming is …. unsolicited, spontaneous kisses form Nikh (my son) when he is super dupper happy with his mommy.

Heartwrenching is …..him crying his heart out when I dropped him off at daycare today. He just was not feeling it.. and has not been for past 2-3 weeks.

Triumph is… walking out of the “eat-all-you-can” restuarant after having a normal sized portion plate of food.

Agony is…. waking up 3 times in the night to clean up puke because baby is sick. my poor poor baby!

Frustration is …. being horny and hubby unable to carry out his husbandly duties because he is as sick as Nikh

Utter frustration is….. being horny and having horny dreams and not getting some cause .. well He is sick.. and I don’t really wanna get sick either.

Proud is….. seeing your husband ran his first EVER 5 km race after just 18 days of training and finishing in 37min 37sec. Yup.. total hero of mine.

Funny is …..hubby seeing me this morning in my “house work dress” and saying, “you have to throw out that dress it is so ugly”..(yup it went out). I laughed my head off. Yes it was ugly, but it was for housework ala!

Demanding is …..me telling hubby “I want big romantic gestures from you, diamonds and flowers”. He looks at me and laughs, pulls me into his arms and says ” I do romantic things for you everyday, I tell you how beautiful you are, (can’t tell you the rest) .. and wash the dishes” Me: “Washing dishes does not count, that’s every day stuff. I want  jewlery, flowers, candles, lights, I’m in the mood for big ROMANTIC GESTURES” Him: “shit, I could just go out and pay someone to get laid, don’t have to put up with all these demands” Me: Just you frigging try… ”

Unexplainable is…. my sudden need for that BIG ROMANTIC GESTURE… why the hankering for it.. me don’t know

Eventuality is …. him delievering my BIG ROMANTIC GESTURE lol 🙂

Calm is…. not knowing what is going to happen in a few months time and so not being moved by it all. I am so proud of me..

a person loved is… .. I don’t have the time to say it all but one word suffices…. me


I’m feeling lovey dovey, so kisses to all of you.

Johnnie baby!

John Legend does it for me. Totally totally.

I’m feeling lousy. I’m sick. We’ve been sick. I got it last. It sucks, I’m unbalanced. My head is swimming, my stomach squeezes and churns. i hate being sick. Then John Legend and I’m in love!

Yayemarie did a feature spot on “Freshly Ground’s” Zolani  and since then I am hooked. Youtube them.

And while you are there, check out some of my favourites

Letta Mbulu’s Nomalizo

Mafikizolo’s Emlanjeni and Mathsokoze

Iryn Namubiru’s Obasinga

John Legend’s Must be the way

Freshly Ground’s Nomvula

Eric Wainaina’s Mwana leta Pesa (can’t wait for his new album. PS. Nikh loves him, he gets back from daycar and says.. Mummy, Eric… Eric.. and so we pop in the DVD and get some Eric)

Those are just a few of my favourite songs.

John Legend’s good! i had forgotten.


PS: I have been real hopless at responding to a number of comments made on previous entries.. so (in my best celeb breathless voice) I love you all, I know that without you, my readers, this blog would be nothing (you wish), and thank you from the bottom of my heart of supporting me all these years. Mwah mwah mwah. Love y’all.


Mwari… where are you???? Najua internet is now up and running! hope you´re good!

Mothering 101

One of the side effects of that drug that I am on (apart from increased libido) is insomnia. It totally totally sucks! You know that feeling, when you are dead tired. Put in 8 hours at work, played with Nikh, cooked supper, cleared the dishes (Baba baby washes him). I get to bed feeling like the world in on my shoulders. Hit the mattress and nada, no sleep! No freaking sleep. My mind will not shut down. Do everything I know to clear my mind, zilch! I have less than a handful of pills remaining and have decided to convince the doc that I can go off it. If he refuses then I am choosing to get pregnant ahead of schedule :-). Anything to get off the meds. At least I know I am off it for about 2 years.

For all you with kids, those of you with wilful boys or daughters and nope it’s just not the age, it’s part of his character. How do you discipline.

Nikh has a spine of steel. Even at daycare they said to me he is one of their more stubborn kids. If he sets his mind on wanting or gettin something and it is not something he is going to get because I have decreed it, game on baby. It’s not easy. I hate having to be the enforcer and it does not help that Big Al is a softie and Nikh has sussed that out. So now its like if mum says no, he goes straight to dad and he will pull out all his tricks mpaka dad gives in. Nikh’s tricks include screaming at a pitch so high, your ear drums and mind start spinning. If that does not work, whine whine whine. If that does not cry loud, like we are killing him. Most times it works on dad, me I am stone face.  I put him in his room till he calms down and says sorry.

Because I am enforcer, Nikh totally prefers dad over me and it nags me.  So today I said to Big Al, you also have to start enforcing, he cannot be getting mixed signals from us. Thing is though, he absolutely does not listen to Big Al. The funniest thing is to see Big Al telling him off and Nikh comes over and slaps him and says “stop it papa”. He pulled that slapping prank on me once and it stopped there.  Whenever his little hand begins to rise up I just give him a look.. which he so knows how to give back!

Most of my african accquaintanices keep saying, “that is boys for you”. Me I am like..eh… what?? So back to the discipline question. Right now putting him in his room is loosing effect cause he walks out of the room crying, straight into my arms for hugs and comfort. Before it would work like magic. Spanking and pinching does not seem to work, not that I use it much.. but when I try I just get a baby who is so hurt and confused, I feel like crying too.

So what do you do.