A few things about me

Johnnie baby!

John Legend does it for me. Totally totally.

I’m feeling lousy. I’m sick. We’ve been sick. I got it last. It sucks, I’m unbalanced. My head is swimming, my stomach squeezes and churns. i hate being sick. Then John Legend and I’m in love!

Yayemarie did a feature spot on “Freshly Ground’s” Zolani  and since then I am hooked. Youtube them.

And while you are there, check out some of my favourites

Letta Mbulu’s Nomalizo

Mafikizolo’s Emlanjeni and Mathsokoze

Iryn Namubiru’s Obasinga

John Legend’s Must be the way

Freshly Ground’s Nomvula

Eric Wainaina’s Mwana leta Pesa (can’t wait for his new album. PS. Nikh loves him, he gets back from daycar and says.. Mummy, Eric… Eric.. and so we pop in the DVD and get some Eric)

Those are just a few of my favourite songs.

John Legend’s good! i had forgotten.


PS: I have been real hopless at responding to a number of comments made on previous entries.. so (in my best celeb breathless voice) I love you all, I know that without you, my readers, this blog would be nothing (you wish), and thank you from the bottom of my heart of supporting me all these years. Mwah mwah mwah. Love y’all.


Mwari… where are you???? Najua internet is now up and running! hope you´re good!


Comments on: "Johnnie baby!" (1)

  1. unfetteredsultana said:

    John Legend rocks!
    TOTALLY… check out the “Slow Dance” live performances on youtube… wacha tu!!!!!

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