A few things about me

On my mind

Heartwarming is …. unsolicited, spontaneous kisses form Nikh (my son) when he is super dupper happy with his mommy.

Heartwrenching is …..him crying his heart out when I dropped him off at daycare today. He just was not feeling it.. and has not been for past 2-3 weeks.

Triumph is… walking out of the “eat-all-you-can” restuarant after having a normal sized portion plate of food.

Agony is…. waking up 3 times in the night to clean up puke because baby is sick. my poor poor baby!

Frustration is …. being horny and hubby unable to carry out his husbandly duties because he is as sick as Nikh

Utter frustration is….. being horny and having horny dreams and not getting some cause .. well He is sick.. and I don’t really wanna get sick either.

Proud is….. seeing your husband ran his first EVER 5 km race after just 18 days of training and finishing in 37min 37sec. Yup.. total hero of mine.

Funny is …..hubby seeing me this morning in my “house work dress” and saying, “you have to throw out that dress it is so ugly”..(yup it went out). I laughed my head off. Yes it was ugly, but it was for housework ala!

Demanding is …..me telling hubby “I want big romantic gestures from you, diamonds and flowers”. He looks at me and laughs, pulls me into his arms and says ” I do romantic things for you everyday, I tell you how beautiful you are, (can’t tell you the rest) .. and wash the dishes” Me: “Washing dishes does not count, that’s every day stuff. I want  jewlery, flowers, candles, lights, I’m in the mood for big ROMANTIC GESTURES” Him: “shit, I could just go out and pay someone to get laid, don’t have to put up with all these demands” Me: Just you frigging try… ”

Unexplainable is…. my sudden need for that BIG ROMANTIC GESTURE… why the hankering for it.. me don’t know

Eventuality is …. him delievering my BIG ROMANTIC GESTURE lol 🙂

Calm is…. not knowing what is going to happen in a few months time and so not being moved by it all. I am so proud of me..

a person loved is… .. I don’t have the time to say it all but one word suffices…. me


I’m feeling lovey dovey, so kisses to all of you.


Comments on: "On my mind" (4)

  1. Hi Mrembo,
    Watched some comedy yesterday that reminded me of your post. It basically had the concept ‘happy wife = happy life’:)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. unfetteredsultana said:

    First time reading your blog. Very interesting, informational and refreshing. Nice! 🙂

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