A few things about me

My baby

What does it say of my mothering when my son’s all time favourite song is “Forever” by Chris Brown. That he is slowly learning the words and sings along when he can.

Or that one of his new words is “Holy crap”… tickled me funny the first time I heard it off him. We were  cuddling on the couch watching some kids tv or cartoon  and I was reading something, when out of the blue or so it seemed to me he said “Holy crap” at something on the screen. I laughed my head off. I know, totally wrong… but could not help myself.

His favourite movie of all time is “Alivin and the Chipmunks”  aka chi munx, which we have watched 1.5million times. His current DVD of the moment is Eric Wainanin’s “Daima” which is a must see every day when we get back from daycare. Today I got dragged from the kitchen (where I was cooking pilau which I had been hungering for for over a week) into the living room to dance with him to “Adhiambo”. His favourite song on the dvd is “Nchi ya kitu Kidogo” and he totally loves the opening scene.

And finally he has a new thing where in order to get to bath we get all his small plastic toy friends into the bath. They are.. in no particular order Postman Per, Peter Plys (English version is Winnie the Pooh), Teddy, Ajay, Tiger. Works like a charm.

He lights up my world!

Goodnight lovies.

PS ever noticed how all or majority of my blog entries are done late in the evening. That’s when I usually get a moment.

Oh and last thing. I have been getting some pretty strange friend requests on Facebook and I do ignore. Thing is if I do not know you I WILL ignore you. I don’t like the whole, I don’t know you but wanna be your friend.

PSSS. Nikh’s toy train just started singing all on it’s own. How creepy. It’s 23:03 and I am in the livingroom. Me thinks we have a resident ghost.. woooh hooo!

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  1. Hi Mrembo!
    I don’t know how to do links in the comments section but saw this and thought of you:

    I know you are the one that hoards money in ur relationship 🙂
    Kisses to Nikh (like I’m his aunt or have ever seen him)

    Strange this life… (by the way thanks for the link it did make an interesting read).. anyway just last night Big Al was saying to me during banter “You know it is actually me who saves most of the money in this family and you keep saying I am the spender andyou the hoarder”.. this was brought on by him wanting an Iphone and me not too jazzed by the price. The truth.. the total truth is that I do small frequent spends while he does 3 to 4 big spends during the year.. BUT my argument is that his once-in-a -while BIG ASS spends never equate to my numerous small spends! That’s my story and I am sticking by it! 🙂

    I must clarify he is not a spendthrift at all. It is just that when he wants something, he goes for it, while think about it, weigh it out.. and finally go for it!

    Nikh amepokea the kisses asante 🙂

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