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East African authors

I need recommendations for some East African authors.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I love love romance novels and in particular American romance stuff. I devour the stuff with no shame . I also read a lot of general fiction of which I am just getting back into. Few weeks ago I decided to look through the English books section at the central library and was  pleasantly surprised to find a reasonable collection.

Anyway, reason I want some recommendations is because I am in the process of creating a wish list for myself at Amazon and would like to add some more African fiction to my collection.

here’s what you should keep in mind prior to recommending. I do not do, colonial or post colonial stories.. ala Ngugi wa Thiongo. I just don’t. I have no interest at all in that time period. I am more interested in current stuff, more like the short stories in the Kwani series.. but novel of lenght .

About a year ago, Midnighttraintojoburg (hey girl!!) recommended authors one whom I throughly enjoyed, Buchi Ementeta and the South African girl.. (her book in on my wish list)

So go ahead a hit me with some recommendations.

Here’s a list of what I have read in the past three weeks

“An interuption of Everything” – Terry Mcmillan (America general fiction)

“The Devil and Miss Prym” – Paulo Cuehlo (Brazilian general fiction). Got him at the library and they have a number of them so going to knock my self out. Also saw  “The No. 1 Detective” series books by that British author. I have only read one of them, intend to read all of them ever since I heard that the series with Jill Scott in the lead has been a big hit.

Dark Dagger Brotherhood series (5 of them) – JR Ward (America paranormal romance fiction) This is a re-read. Read all the books last year.

“Mercury’s War” – Lora Leigh (American paranormal romance fiction)

A book by Nora Roberts.. actually it was like 3 of them..(instantly forgettable) but entertaining romance

Prior to that I was into self help stuff where I read or tried to read “The Road less travelled” by M. Scott Peck.  While on that wave I also read and finished “They Fuck you up” by James Oliver and “Family First” by Dr. Phil…… eh..   you can tell I was going through some things.  James Oliver’s book was very interesting and had some interesting points.

Don’t know about you guys but I have a hard time reading British prose and that’s not to say I never read British authors. I will but only if I can get it free or really cheap. 


Oh and for all you “House” fans, wasn’t the opening of  season 6 or is it 5 just fantabulous.

This post is inspired by the BBC list of great hundred books of which they say most people have only read 6 at most. I had done 20. I know someone who has done like 40 . I think the list was crap. Who likes Charles Dickens etc. I only read those classics because I did literature until Uni and only for my first year at Uni there after I dropped it like hot potatoe cause I just did not click how the lecturer was deciphering plots and stuff. I would be like “where the hell did you get that from… I didn’t get that vibe at all”

Here’s the BBC list


so how many did you do???


Comments on: "East African authors" (9)

  1. hey, nice blog
    I am more into the old EA writers so I don’t have any to recommend but I’m in a James Patterson phase at the moment (murder mystery) and I also made my self read “a suitable boy” this summer I have actually read about 26 from that list and I haven’t been reading seriously for the last seven years I think I doing well

    • Thank you.

      I think anyone who has read more than 10 is doing pretty good. The list sparked all kinds ugh!feelings in me. As with all things it all depends on context

  2. kenyanreality said:

    I have just gone through the list and including childhood abridged books I have read about 13. I have read both of Thomas Hardy’s books on that list. I read Tess of the D’Urbervilles while in Uni and never put it down until 2am.
    But my best book from Thomas Hardy which surprising did not make the list is ‘The mayor of Casterbridge’- I have just finished re-reading it for the 4th time in my life. (first time I was 9 or 10) – no Oscar Wilde on the list??

    LOL at “Who likes Charles Dickens?” – I love classics 🙂

    • Classics… the bane of my reading life. From form 3 to 1st year in Uni, I had to read classics and I DID NOT LIKE THEM at all. Starting with the print. The stories were good once I got going, but absolutely not my first choice.

  3. I’ve seen the cover of Halfway Between Dundori and Nairobi and wanted to read it; about a couple where the husband wants to live in Nairobi, the wife in Dundori (the most backward place in Kikuyu-land). Not sure its to your taste

  4. Milton Obote Esitubi said:

    I just wish to bring to the attention of Mr. Mrembo that i’m an upcoming Kenyan author, my first title is ‘Mary Anita and the Second Liberation in Kenya’, published by Raider publishing International. I’m trying to delink the old literature of pre and post colonial times. Let him and his friends read my first novel and then give comments.

    • I would love to read your book, so I will look out for it. Is it available on-line.. as in is there a website I can buy it online or is it already on Amazon.

      I do have issue with colonial and post colonial books, because I think there are so many stories to be told about today that I can relate to. I would be willing to give it a try..if I can find it.

      PS. it’s Ms. Mrembo as in female

  5. Ms Mrembo you will be directed on how to order either thru Amazon online and other webs, Key the title ‘Mary Anita and the Second Liberation in Kenya’ in Google and then search. Dependes on where you are. I be will eager to read your comments about the book because I have finished writing my second one ‘Kogelo Village’. You will agree with me after you read my books that we are in the present.

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