A few things about me

Fasta fasta!

1. I employ ” ! ” way too much in my writing. I know I need to revisit my grammar lessons, more so now that I am thinking of offering my  expertise to  school kids in need of  extra tuition in English. (will let you know more about that once I have got my replies back).

2. We have finally moved and tomorrow will be exactly 7 nights we have spent in this house. My absolutely non-religious husband shocked me on our first night here when he said to me ” so have you prayed for the house…….tonight when we have dinner you should say a prayer for the house.. then later on get the local priest/pastor to come pray for the house”. I was gobsmacked! Thing is, everytime we have moved into a new place; this house being fifth, I  have always prayed and recounted to Big Al, how my mum had the local pastor come to our home and pray for the house I grew up in and that mum still lives in. I remember her telling me that her dad, my granddad, had told her to ensure she did that. The pastors came home, had tea and later we had “maombi” /prayers for the house. The prayers go along the line of chasing away any evil, calling for God to dwell and bless the home etc etc. Since then I have always, always prayed for any space I live in, before I lay my head down the first night.

Even when my dad moved house, the other home I grew up in (and my dad did not do church or religion while I lived with him..  though of late I hear he has been going to church), I went around praying for the house, for each and every room. First time I did it Big Al thought it cute, later he would tease me about it, but I still prayed. So his request to get the pastor he pleasantly surprised me.

3 . We are slowly falling into routine. The house is still a building site and hopefully work will be finished in about 3 weeks. We are of the opinion, things take the time they take. No point in rushing them, then getting shoddy results in the end. We chose to have the bathrooms and hallway redone. We are having floor heating installed and a new floor. That has entailed them digging all the way to the ground, literally and redoing things again. Right now we live in the family room. The builders provided an outdoor toilet/shower container.  So we shower on the main driveway :-). When I get a minute I´ll put up pics.

4. And that’s about all from me. Don’t know when I will be back. There is loads and loads to be done and since money is an object, we are doing loads and loads ourselves.  We got the living room and kitchen painted. We still have the utility room, 3 bedrooms and hallway to finish. Then there grass to be mowed, plants to be uprooted, clothes line to go up, lots and lots of stuff to do, which my middle class African self is saying.. haki ya mungu, I wish I could get someone to do this!

5. I have been thinking about being grateful and at this point in my life I feel I have a lot to be grateful for. My husband loves me and I him. My child is healthy, loving and happy. He brings us much joy. One of my dreams came true. I co-own a house (ok so the bank is letting me live in it till I…eh we… pay them off, cause we all know they own my house). My health is good. My mum, sis and dad are alive and well. Life is tough but they are tougher. No health issues there. I have a few good friends. One who surprised me while we moved, my heart was touched.  The list is pretty long when I sit down to think about it. So I have been very thankful. Praying to the powers that be an offering my thanks. (let’s not even start about who I pray to. All I know is that there is a God/supreme being and that is whom I pray to, if HE goes by the name Allah, God, Jehovah, Mungu, Mukama… me I don’t know. All I know is that I pray.. tosha gari!

So have a thankful day. It may not all be perfect or as you had planned, but you know you gotta it better than most.. hey .. you can read this, that alone means you have access to a comp and internet and that puts you in a better place than many. So give thanks

Be blessed.

Comments on: "Fasta fasta!" (5)

  1. Congratulations on moving into the new house! Things sound busy and chaotic and very happy.

    On co-owning with the bank, I used to feel ‘shy’ saying I have a house when I got my mortgage two years ago after all I owned a very little percentage. These days I call it my house without hesitation.(& my equity in it has risen along with the value of the house :)) So enjoy it as it is your house and you get all the benefits including its increased value once you finish re-modelling. Congratulations again. I am very happy for you.

    I hear you on the getting someone to do things around the house for us – i.e here in africa. Even drilling holes in the wall for hanging pictures we just think. “Nitamwita fundi aweke hanging hooks. There is no DIY huku 🙂

    • lol at calling the fundi to drill holes in the wall for hooks lol-est!

      So true. You should see the holes I drilled into wall in the last apartment we lived in. While Big Al filled them up with poly-filler last week, he made me swear to stay away from the drill. Who knew drilling a hole is hard. On TV it looks so simple, kumbe, the thing shifts as you drill making the hole large and scratching the wall.. just a mess.

      I like … about the increasing equity thingy.. and thank you.. now I am feeling shy 🙂

  2. Mrembo sema, si you are doing well. One you’re living your dream, and all the other things you are thankful for.

    I had a frustrating morning: You know, you make an appointment,actually two because you can count on one to not honour his, and both fail to show up. One puts off the phone, the other doesn’t pick up. I ended up givingone ‘manager’a talking to and now I’m ashamed to go back there though I may need them. But….lot’s to be thankful for, thanks to Mresh :0)

    Kakati gwe, mwami wo na mwana wo, mubeere bulungi, nyabo! (??)

  3. Hey Congrats on the new house. It’s something we all dream of pulling off in a lifetime plus the interior can become your own personal piece of art you can do it …re do it …re do it …oh I mean the both of you …if he is not an NID (Not Into Details) guy. Wish you the best ! (that’s where it’s used !!!)

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