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I just finished reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter  by Kim Edwards.  I picked it up at our local library in the new town we have moved to. I was starved for some English books, cause i have not read anything new in like 3 weeks and I was going through withdrawal symptoms. The English section of the library is pitiful, but I found this gem.

I found the language a tad verbose , too flowery and  overly descriptive. Some sentences were unnecessarily long but the story did grab me from the very begining and I just had to finish it. Unlike some books, I did not read it word for word and found myself scheming through some pages.

What touched me about this book is the author skill at depicting how distance between two people grows and how human beings can sometimes fail to “see” one another especially  in supposedly “intimate” relationships. How in our misguided love for others we can do one thing or things that create even more distance and kill a relationship. How we can do something so wrong and yet at the core of us not be evil in anyway. How the truth, no matter how hard it is, is always the best way forward, always.

Now I gotta go cook and shake off the feeling of this book. It was a tad heavy, emotionally that is.

Have a truthful day. Resolve in yourself today to always tell the truth. Trust me, it is hard hard hard, but by God, the saying is true, it does set you free. Remember every decision you ever make has a consequence , so why not start out with the truth, no matter how ugly it is.

Snapps all around.

Comments on: "Just finished" (4)

  1. I have a pathological dislike for being lied to! I HATE IT. I prefer the ugly truth and i will try as much as i can to make it easy for them to say it by not overeacting or somethng. But myself i do try to tell the truth, unles i pick up the notion that you dont want to hear it..

  2. The good Lord spoke the truth and look at what they did to Him. There is a reason people are so prone to lying. It is for self preservation.

    • self preservation or a cop out….there’s different ways at looking at it.
      In my opinion lying causes so much destruction one is better off telling the truth. There are always consequences… its about what one is willing to die for, no?? especially when its a matter of life and death.. but then again, isn’t that a rather extreme example.

      I do get the self preservation angle of lying.

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