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Girl or boy that you are

On a lighter note, I have also been working on this post in my head. The post is inspired by a youtube-er I watch. She has a segment she calls “Every Diva should have”.  I will further add “every diva/divo should have”. What she does is show case what she thinks every diva should have. It’s all done in a sprit of fun and laughter and I like.

It got me thinking, “what kind of girl am I”.  I have never been seriously into clothes and fashion, but, but I think I am finally figuring out my sense of style. At 32 imagine that, but I think I am figuring it out. I have never been a girly girly girl. I am more of a “comfort girl”. All things comfy is me. Hence, I do not own a pair of heels, but I did get some boots with a 2 inch heel and they were killing me the first week, lakini I am getting the hang of them.

So what kind of girl am I? As in what do your friends, collegues and family know you for.  After careful thought I came to the conclusion I am an earrings-kinda-girl. I have recieved comments at work about my earings, apparently people notice that I change them a lot. I do not do big, flashy dangling stuff. I do studs, small danglers and own two pairs of hoops, small ones. The silver pair, I bought in Ug while still at University and the gold ones I got for my 30th birthday from Big Al at my request. Other than that, I have lots of “African earings” that I usually buy when I get home, in almost every color. When I got Nikh, I did not wear danglers for a long time, because little babies like dangling things and will pull at your ears. I have about 3 pairs of studs. My oldest being some 8 carat gold earings that I got when In high school, from downtown Kampala.

So what are you known for, it could be bangles, handbags, shoes, hair sytles.. do tell


gotta run

Comments on: "Girl or boy that you are" (3)

  1. for me it has to be scarves. I am a collector of sorts. I also like earings but i can only wear gold (!) otherwise i surfer allergies. I went to Somalia once and the women sell gold items in the open air market, i could not believe my luck. I indulged to my pockets content, but i have no regrets, more than 5 yrs later, i am still fashionable in that area. I also like handbags, but for me, it is one at a time. I do not like to keep swapping babs, so I will buy a killer bag, then use it everyday till the strap begins to wear out (or till i see another killer one). Recently i am into dresses, so again i am indulging a little on those.

  2. about the allergies, usually at the end of the day, my ears start itching from the nickel in the earings, this mostly happens with the african earings I have. I have actually been considering getting the metal part replaced with silver….but the cost here in DK would be astronomical.

    I tried the handbag thing and failed… how one fails.. well I did 🙂 My current handbags for the last year have been a small faux leather back pack and a big racksack from my Uni days in England. The small one is for weekends, the big one for weekdays.

  3. I’m know my shoes. 50 pairs now and counting…high heels mostly.
    Then comes handbags. big ones so that i dont have to carry a handbag and a computer bag…

    50 pairs!! 50 pairs! gasping in shock. I have never even reached 10 pairs at the same time. 50! dang girl that is like a lot of shoes. Right now I have, let me start counting…9 pairs of which , 3 pairs are sandals, 3 pairs of boots (I pair is so old, water gets in so I gotta replace them, the other so used I only use them when going for walks or taking Nikh to the play pen) 1 pair of going out shoes, which are not high heels, my everyday workshoes, which is a pair of red canvas shoes and so on and so forth. I have a pair of rain boots, that I use when working the garden or when it rains and a pair of very old sneakers that are in DIRE need of replacing.

    And that’s about it. In summer I tend to get cheap sandals, where them all summer and toss them out cause they cannot survive to the next.

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