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Yesterday and Today

Don’t know if I mentioned this to you guys, but I am contracted to work 3 days a week (23hrs), but sometimes due to employee leave, sickness and plain old extra work, I get asked to come into work the other 2 days. The past 3 weeks I have worked all week and I have been exhausted. So this week when asked if I could come in, I was like no, no, no :-). Come December I am planning on working full working weeks.. God help!


I cleaned the house, juu chini (from top to bottom). We are still only using 4 rooms in the house; living room, study, kitchen and utility room. The rest is still inaccessible due to the bathroom renovations which is about 5 days away from completion. yipee! I plan on taking 2 days off to clean .. anyway who knows, might not be able to get those two days off.

We had a windstorm last night. Throughout the country 47 trees went down. Our roof leaked. I had to call in the roof people. Called 4 companies, got lucky with the 4th. He came out immediately by then Big Al was home and did all the talking. We got to go up on the roof. Fun fun. Our roof is flat topped. He repaired it and talked us through it’s maintenance which was very appreciated by Big Al and I. He assured us the roof is in perfect order.. the leak was due to water coming in through the chimney, collecting in the beams and leaking onto my new carpet. We swept the roof clear of the water . Very pleased about some tips for the future work to be done. Some exposed beams have rot …..but that’s for sometime early next year.

Cooked oven chips, chicken fillets, tomatoes, cucumber and rucolar salad for supper. It went down well. Before that did two loads of laundry.  Put Nikh to bed at 9.00p and fell asleep myself which was not in the plan as Big Al and I had a date to watch “House”.


Woke up full of engery feeling high. On the way out to drop Nikh at daycare, the last of the capentry work for the bathrooms was delivered. Got back home Big Al was on his way off to work, he picked the mail.. hey presto, big ass bill for the temporary toilet we are currently using. We agreed not to let it bog us down. Tidied the house, did 2 loads of laundry, baked a cake, went running 5.5kms or thereabouts. Washed my hair, had a shower, fried turkey breasts for tonight´s supper, ironed mine and baby’s clothes for tomorrow. Made another cake for a collegue at work. I promised him on Tuesday that I would do so. At work all the foreigners sit together during lunch. All the Thai chicks and 2 guys sit together, then the rest of us, Iran, Iraq, Uganda, Ghana, Burma and Afghanistan sit together.  So we kinda bring stuff for one another during lunch break. That is our longest break; 25mins.

It’s now 15.03. I leave the house at 15:10 to pick Nikh. The hours go by so fast. I had planned on going to town for myself and do some windowshopping.But after a quick consult with my bank account all plans of going into town were nixed.

Big Al is coming home late tonight. So it’s just me and baby. Everything is done and ready for tomorrow as well as for supper. So when he gets home we will play and watch tv.

Gotta run. It’s cold gray and ugly outside. I usually use the bike when I go pick him up.

I finally found the camera, now I have to find out how to charge it, then I will start taking pictures.

have a fun day wherever you are.




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  1. You go Ms. Efficient!…she is smart, she can run (5.5 kms is no joke for a “non-exerciser” like me!), she can mboch (i.e. do housework), she can throw it down in the kitchen..what is rucolar anyway? Better share some of those pictures once you get the camera going!

    blush blush! thank you! Ms Efficient, I don’t know. ever since I joined the women’s club I have found out that my routine is pretty much every working mum’s routine. Yani every hour counts cause one the kids are home, there is not much one can do. One of the ladies whom I am gaga over.. cause she has the “body I want to have when I grow up”, she runs like 10kms on her usual runs and 15 on her long runs, 4-5 days a week. I was like woha!

    Rucola is one of those grassy salad greens. I tend to use it instead of lettuce. It’s a leafy dark green thingy veggie.

  2. Hi Ms Mrembo,

    You are so on top of your game. Kudos. I am looking forward to all the pictures.Have a great weekend.
    heh, I had better get cracking on those pics.. when Big Al gets home I shall start nagging “where is the cabel for the camera, eh charge it, eh…:-)

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