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Ageing every day

 Thirty came and went without fanfare or event, so did 31 and likewise 32. Thirtythree is something else though. The term mid thirties has me shaken. I mean when does one cross over from early thirties to mid thirties. Thirtythree is a number I am not so willing to embrace, but embrace I must for everyday I age and will continue to do so. The question now is “how well will I age”

Fabulously baby, fabulously! That is the answer I have decided upon.  Since October I have been looking at ads of all  “virim” (you have to sa y it in Kiswahili.. plural for creams) for the face wondering which one to use to prevent all the signs of aging. I am hesitant to plunge in because there are so many promising youth in a bottle. One part of me tells me those “virims” are not aimed at me the black woman. Crow feet, wrinkles etc  are things that the black woman begins to worry about in her 50´s or there about. I am thinking of all the women in my mother’s and father’s family who by 50 still are without lines on the face. What I have noticed is the loss of elasticity in the skin and that I think is ok. So what to use in the question. And more specifically, what should a woman in her early/mid thirties with moderate acne use? Sometimes I am amazed that at my age I am still battling with acne, its like “ala..when does this shit end”.

When it comes to acne, I am a resource power house. I have done my research juu chini. I know what I will use and what I won’t. A really informative website for black skin is www.brownskin.net  . When it comes to the individual prescription meds I use, I research them individual in relation to thier effect on black skin.  The one thing we black people have to watch out for is hyperpigmentation from acne. That is those black spots left behind after the pimple is gone. I have never used a bleaching agent to get rid of them, but I am seriously thinking of  this product. The thing is this, there is nothing special about this cream. The key ingredient in any skin lightning cream is hydroquinie. In the 1990´s skin bleaching in UG was so popular and one would see horrific results hence my hesitation. When certain family member came home from abroad  my mum and aunt were so disgusted when she tried to pass of her bleaching as “si it’s the weather, the sun is not so bright huko, this is my natural color” The look on mum’s face when she told the story was priceless. “kwani she thinks we are so stupid”

What has worked for me over the years with the dark spots is my prescirption meds cause of how they work. It takes a long long time for the marks to fade but they do, which they normally do naturally, as long as you do not have new acne coming up.

Anyway, I have been thinking of clinique’s Uneven skin tone range. It seems promising also because they seem to have a dedicated range to ance prone skin.  The other under consideration is Murad’s acne range. The only reason holding me back from buying this stuff is the price. NOthing like investing over $ 150 in stuff that does not work. Then again if I am serious about this aging thing, I must do as I must ama? 🙂

Which leads me to the other thing. With me turning 33 and all I have decided to get serious about my dressing. I am a careless dresser.  But with that number hanging over my head, soon to be fitted, I have decided to update my look, which means, new sensible handbag. Going around with a backpack is not a good idea. I need two bags, one that can have Nikh’s and my nik naks, cause he is still young, so things like extra diaper, wet wipes, gloves, hat, my lunch pack  etc and another small one for when I don’t need to have the nik naks. Thing is I have been on the look out for an over the shoulder, funky, hot looking handbag.  MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.  Me I will not do those ridiculous big handbags that cannot go over one shoulder. Ati those silly big handbags which sit on the arm and one has to bend thier arm. So not pratical when you have kids. I think I found one yesterday. Expensive as shit but on the list for consideration

Infact to make this post short, let me tell you what I told my hubby. 

My new year’s resolution is to buy all the things of this list by the end of 2010″

That list reads as follows

  • New glasses. my current ones are boring, or rather I am bored of them. Have had them since 2005. Time for an upgrade.
  • 2 leather handbags. I have never owned a leather handbag cause I never could buy the ones I liked.
  • New running shoes, more specifically Nike LagunaAir or something like that. I tried them on and run on the treadmill, baby they were not joking ati it feels like air.  They did not have my size and refered me to Nike.com to get those mass customised ones. Did you know that the difference between men’s running shoes and women’s is that women’s are built narrower since statistically we have narrower feet.
  • Proper running clothes. When I go running most times I have hubby’s  “stay at home” pants which I have hijacked. Poor thing he doesn’t have any more cause I use them for running and cleaning lol
  • Proper hot boots before winter ends
  • A parfum : Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Had a wiff of it some time back and the fact that I have not forgotten the name, means I really like it. Right now I have only two scents. Ever since I got preggers with Nikh, parfums don’t do it for me so much. Through out my pregnancy I could not stand the stuff and for the 16 months that I breastfed I could not stand any parfum on me or anyone. Once I stopped, it’s like my taste changed. I like very very light and airy parfums.
  • A silver toe ring
  • A tatoo
  • Large silver and gold hoop earings.


The list is flexible and subject to editing  🙂

So what does your list look like if you have one. hehehe

nighty night.


Comments on: "Ageing every day" (11)

  1. If you see hydroquinone as an ingredient in any skin product, DO NOT use it!

    33 is pretty young, but what do I know…I’m 25 and already feeling old. I take consolation in the lovely saying “black don’t crack”. My mom and grandmas are a perfect example.

    • oh to be 25 again.. some of my best years were my mid twenties.. then again I do like where I am now. Thanks for saying 33 is still young.

  2. Hi Ms Mrembo,

    You post has made my morning! I feel you on the 30, 31,32 being ‘ok’ but 33 has a ‘hyperventilation’ feel :). Mid-thirties for me is feeling like ‘mid-life’ crisis but………….

    I am also a ‘careless dresser’ but with the firm resolve to change that. Great list. Have a great week ahead.

    • you have nailed it kabisa i.e. “hyperventilating feeling” I tell you since October that has been the feeling. You should see how I have been “critically assessing” my body since, making note of every bump, slump and dimple and suddenly naona ziko nyingi zaidi 🙂

      Then I have been doing some strange things, like buying a mini skirt… is that my version of mid life crisis ama early thirties crisis.. imagine today, as in leo hii.. I was in a shop trying on another mini skirt. I looked at myself in the mirror and said “Mrembo, wacha story…”

  3. I was informed that the best way to private those crow feet is to wear sunglasses as often as you can.So you never squint.
    I remember the “fanta” faces and “pepsi” legs in Uganda when bleaching was the thing to do.

    • I am convinced because we are near the norther pole.. the sun in Denmark shines at a strange angle that hits the eyes very strangely… hence the need for shades. In UK I hardly wore shades. Huku in summer shades are a must.

      Fanta, coca-cola.. I do remember. Hence my healthy fear for bleaching creams.

  4. Nice post! 33 is still young, and take comfort in that we don’t age as quickly as caucasians do.

    I hear you on the upgrading. That has been my mantra for so long. I am not sure that I ever do anything about ‘my list’. Recently though, I am taking a different approach. Liking what I am just as I am. It takes some amount of courage though.
    Good luck as you implement your list.

    • Mwari, truth be told, if one reads through my archives I have time and again declared I am going to update my look, which seems never to happen.

      The other truth is that I have been quietly buying stuff for myself throughout the year. My plan is to start wearing them when I have a complete wardrobe so that I can get rid of all I have now.. let’s see how that goes.

      I hear you on liking me just as I am. When I decided to do that I accepted I am never going to be a feminine fashion bomb and I actually do not want to. I like the way I dress, just more polish and shine to it.
      The list is already under implementation, two items have been ticked off yipee!!

  5. This was for the mamas, ama?
    Am 31 and don’t quite feel ‘it’, maybe I’m in denial or maybe it will hit me at 33, sijui 🙂
    I have the occassional pimple and think it’s not a bad thing. I dn’t have acned but I take it as a sign of youth, so in my book you look young!

    Can you imagine I still see women with faces so bleached that the skin has been sun-burnt lakini the arms and legs are dark? Gross.

    Pia mimi ni careless dresser…..

    • It was for all those feeling the pinch of ageing lol.

      Are those bleached faces still there….I thought Ug women were over and done with when it came to bleaching.

      We have to say goodbye to careless dressing. Funny thing is what you may call careless, I may call faboulous ! So as long as you look supuu.. that is all that matters.

  6. […] this post I did on aging? […]

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