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Was surfing and thought to share this with you guys.

You know how much I love to read, well one of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE authors is Francine Rivers. She writes fiction with a christian theme. I believe she refers to her self as a christian fiction author. I have read all her works except for 2 sets of books which I am planning on getting soon.

If you like to read and want to read really really good fiction with a christian theme and that does not stray from biblical accuracy or make you go hmmm (I may be a kafiri (heathen) of sorts but I do know my bible) I highly recommend her.

Strangely enough I discovered her way back in the day and all her books that I own I have always bought in Nairobi from one christian book shop or another.

So if you are interested do check out www.francinerivers.com and her books are available in Nairobi.. that I know for sure.

What I like is that she tackles true life issues without glossing over them in that annoying “christian” way or over simplifying as if everything is black or white.

And they are very very encouraging in for the spirit

I was not paid to promote her.

PS. once you read do give me your feed back

Another christian writer I like, who I classify as sci-fi writer is  Frank Peretti… as to how biblical accurate his books are.. well… eh.. me I enjoyed the books and took them for what they are fiction with a christian theme.  I really like his books. Have read everything he has written except for the last one which sounded a little too ..”out there” for me

I stopped reading that ridculous series of End of days or something like that.. cannot even remember the name of the author.. wrong wrong wrong.

PS. all these authors I discovered in my early 20’s.. was over at Francine’s website to see if she had anything new and yippe she has a book coming out March 2010..so there is something for me to look forward to.


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  1. Hey, I read Francine’s novel based on the story of Hosea marrying a prostitute in the Bible. I cannot remember the title but I do remember reading with tears streaming down my face and as an impressionable teenager back then I was thinking “what love….awesome love”. Now that your blog post has reminded me of her, I definately have to get more of her books…..thanks for this post.

    • She is very good and what is more exciting is that she has a book coming out in March 2010 and you know I gotta have it. I was planning on buying all her books again cause all the ones I have were at my mum’s house at one point and have been lent out to this and that cousin, aunti or relative and they have not made thier way back to me

  2. Candi has understood the message of Hosea and the nature of God rightly. The redemptive love and purpose of God is the permeating theme of the Bible. I have just released a novel set in coastal Texas and whose characters are 10th graders. It’s called Angela1: Starting Over and it’s the first of a series of three. The main character is full of joyous love, but that does not keep her from undergoing tremendous opposition. To learn more, please click on my name and follow the link to my website. Thanks!

    • That sounds interesting and I would be interested in reading your book. You could send me a copy and I will tell you what I think. 🙂

  3. Hi Charlie,

    I visited your website and here are my comments.
    1. As someone who already uses other social networks, you have to make it easy for me to come in see your website and grab my interest. This I cannot do because I have to “sign up” before I can access the other pages and it is at that point that I turn away from the website.

    My suggestion is make it a read-only for all non-members/guest and then if someone wants to post or comment, they will be required to sign in.

    That’s about all.

  4. Thank you, your feed back is priceless.

  5. Thank you for the tip – have read Peretti, but never heard of Francine.
    Beth Moore might interest you – my favorites are “David, A heart like his”and “Believing God”. Enjoy.

    • glad to have interested you. I will be really interested in hearing what you think about her writing.

      You know how it is, sometimes one loves something and for another person it is just “bleh”.

      Happy reading

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