A few things about me

Zee holidayz!

So x-mas is over and done with, around the corner is new year and a new year. Imagine that 2010 is here ; you and me are alive, how about that huh???

The festivities went on as usual and since there is nothing to report it means all went well. All my danish family was together. Nikh got more than enough presents. (the excesses of it… well that is a discussion for another day). For someone who grew up without the whole christmas gift hulabaloo.. I find it all a bit too much. I was swearing to hubby that I will not be buying any new toys for Nikh for the rest of the year. Between x-mas and what he will be getting for his birthday in March.. me thinks he has MORE THAN ENOUGH to last him a life time. But as they say, this is an aspect of my husband’s culture I must roll with. He rolls with some aspects of MY culture that he doesn´t quiet get, so we are fair and square.

I have been under the weather and it´s still lingering. Hopefully it will be over before Monday..yup I am working on monday 28th thru to wednesday 30th then off for new year break and back on 5th Jan. Anyway some good news is that I am quitting my job in August 2010. Date is set in stone. I am pleased as punch. A number of factors have led to that date, things like work insurance..yada yada.. some technicalities.. that are very danish. So yeah.. it may happen sooner, but the fact that there is a date is so so lovely and mind freeing.. such a load off. In the mean time.. I just hang on.

There really is nothing new from Mremboville. Life is just bumbling along. Hubby and I have been reviewing the year that has been and the year to come. I said to him “I know not what 2010 holds for us.. what challenges, what joys, but I do know that if we continue to love each other was we do.. we can triumph over whatever comes”. The scary part about life is the knowing that CHALLENGES WILL COME. It’s just that, you know when you feel like you have been through so much you would like to ride a pleasant wave for like 5 years without nothing but good challenges and tidings.. but alas… when was that ever known to happen.

So to whatever 2010 brings; the good, the bad, the ugly. I am ready

And that’s all folks.. nothing much.

be blessed in the new year

Be happy

be tough

and you will be alright



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