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I was not in the know, now I am.

Below is a Kenyan anti-AIDS drama that is really good. I enjoyed. It’s in 3 parts each about 25 mins long. I tried to link it like those Youtube thingys but it jammed.  So follow the link.


Comments on: "Shuga" (2)

  1. I watched it…Valerie Kimani can really act, I was a skeptic at first. And Lupita Nyon’go (main xter) really acts well too.

    • I really loved it and loved the cinematography of it. I will admit to being disappointed that the directing, scripting, filming etc was mostly South African. It would have been a big step forward for Kenyan Film industry if the whole production had been Kenya.

      Non the less, I really did like it alot.. even though I fall outside it’s target audience.

      You best believe I was googling the whole cast after having watched it. 🙂

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