A few things about me


Happy new year! About time I showed faced.

I hope the first 8 days into 2010 have been good for you so far. If not, hang tough it’s just the begining.

Mine has not started out as hot as I had hoped. I have been sick throughout the holidays and trying to get back to full speed. I think I need a trip home. Seriously. Said that to hubby today. Maybe all this ick, yuck, flu, sijui what headaches etc are all a sign that I need to go home and recharge my batteries.

The thought has me feeling really buoyed up, so watch this space, you might be reading a post coming from a place near you. Hehehe, just had to use that line.

Otherwise sina mengi, I am very restless in my soul and it’s a horrible feeling. Nothing satisfies or brings joy. I mean, this is the same chick who went window shopping and saw some really cheap cheap t-shirts at Espirit and left cause “i just don’t feel like opening my purse and getting the money out”. I am a bit low in the spirit and it’s compounded by this flu, sijui what the heck it is that I just can’t shake off.

On an off note, I was telling hubby that I am the grumpiest patient I know. When I am ill, the whole world needs to stop and feel sorry for me. I am miserable and withdrawn. I was joking saying if I ever get a terminal illness, one thing he will not be saying about me is “she fought her illness with courage and always had a smile” It will be more like “about time she kicked the bucket, got tired of hearing how misreable she felt” 🙂

As you can see this post is going nowhere.

So tada folks

PS: I have about 5 draft posts sitting. Was thinking of putting one of them up…..


Comments on: "Darlings!" (2)

  1. Happy New Year!

    Great new blog look daahling (use british accent :))

    Pole for the flu. The weather can’t be helping. The least it needs to do is shine (and be warm) when one has the flu! I ‘officially’ add denmark to the list of countries that need to be moved to Africa 🙂 Get better soon!

    And have a very blessed 2010.

  2. Happy new year to you too and have a fantastic 2010.

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