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Been toying with the idea of closing this blog since late last year. March 2010 marks my 4 year of blogging and to be honest I am getting bored with it all and find I have nothing new to say.

That said, having shared my thoughts with hubby he recommended that I go on hiatus instead of shutting it down.

So this is my “til I see you again” post.

I am totally fine, all is good and well in Mrembosville, so don’t let your imaginations run wild ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care folks, be good, be happy, be blessed and be a blessing

Thank you, thank you for having read this blog and for having commented. It has touched me in many ways that some of what I wrote resonated with some of you.



PS: I have locked the ยจ”commenting” option for this particular post