A few things about me

I am back!!!!!

 True to my word, I said I would be back around June 🙂

I am back in more ways the one. The man, child and I were away in Nairobi and Kampala for a total of six weeks. We got back a couple of days back.

Do I have stories or what. While away I had a lot of time on my hands but not babysitter so it was next to impossible to get time to dash off to the local internet cafe and blog. Everywhere I went little boy went too.

So what was my trip like. Where do I even start. I have been cataloguing my thoughts and experiences trying to create some sense of order before I blog. Unfortunately those that weigh heaviest on my mind are the very ones I cannot blog about due to thier personal nature to others.

I will say this though. Never ever did I think I would look forward to coming back to Denmark, but I did. I actually was ready to come home after one week. The reasons are legion, the feeling consistent. Even now when I look back and try to put everything in place, I still feel the same. Shoulda never taken such a long trip. 

My family both in Uganda and Kenya were good and not good. Oxymoron, I know, but it was such. Life has a way of taking you by surprise and then beating you down like you never thought and keeping you there.  Even though I heard one of those preachers on “Family TV” say  “every problem has an expiry date” I was like.. “I’m not too sure about that.”

I never knew how someone else’s unhappiness could just BOG YOU DOWN. Never before have I felt the need to “run away from misery”. That’s the best way I could put it.  And there ain’t nothing like trying to solve a problem that money can’t solve. Seriously, yeah you thought money was everything. Hello rude shock!  I met that problem that even money can’t handle. I saw how life can beat you down and keep you down for almost 4 years and still keep at it. I saw how one can be alive, laugh, cry, talk and still not be “there” or to use Oprah speak “be missing from one’s own life” due to a beating from good old life. I saw how hope and faith can keep one alive and “present” but just barely. I saw how rock bottom is not just for an instant, it can be years in happening.

So my trip was good and bad. It was hard to see that aspect of my family to see them fighting hard to stay happy and find some semblance of joy in this life we call world. That was very very hard and harder was accepting the fact that “there ain’t nothing I can do about this, and I owe it to me, my hubby, my son and them to be happy.

So that was my trip in a nutshell.

Like I said, I have a lot on my mind so I will be blogging.

Things I wanna talk about

  • The Kenyan/Ugandan man
  • The Kenyan/Ugandan woman
  • Are there any happy/satisfied Kenyans/Ugandans in a stable relationships. (for real, I am not even joking)
  • Is money the be end of all in Kenya
  • How long do “bad spells” of life last? and is it really about one’s attitude when facing a problem or are all those pshycoanlysts and positive thinkers full of shit. At this point in my life, the tv show “House” really gets to me because House’ life and emotions come a bit too close to home.
  • Where and who is God in Kenya/Uganda
  • You are all being conned by stupid pentecostal preachers (I just might join them seeing as people really like giving money)
  • I am now a FIRM believer in the separation of church and state. (that whole constitution thing in kenya and peoples views and religion. God save Kenya)
  • The concept of “home” after marriage, marriage and kids and after divorce.

like I said, many blog posts to come gotta run.


PS. my trip confirmed one thing. I got it made:  for real folks, I got it made!

Comments on: "I am back!!!!!" (6)

  1. Kulikayo Blogville! Not sure why I feel mad that you didn’t let me know you were in town, yet I also like to remain anon, though am on the verge of ‘coming out’. I am so happy that you now identify with Dnemark as home. Let me offer my advise before you post :0)

    3) I want to know. I am very afraid of being in an unhappy relationship, but I want to commit, for real and for life (what remains of it, that is)! Soon.
    4) Why Kenya only? Bana-Uganda bapakasa nyo nawe!
    5) Let me be the armchair psychoanalyst; they may last as long as you allow them. My biggest concern is that bad spells sometimes shape people’s identity. They become sad, insecure,angry, etc because of a ‘spell’
    6) Uuhm, heaven?
    7) LOL, there are such churches as Finger of God, Helicopter of Christ…and they are packed!Brother Paul Pattni has his own preaching program on TV.
    8) I was converted a while ago. I think the church is on its way to losing its relevance….but there enough poor/ignorant/desperate people among us to keep it going.
    9) Urm, live the way you would if your husband died, or if you were a single parent. Or, make your kids love you, and want to stick by you. Then you have a happy home, I think. But also understand they have their lives to live. As for marriage after divorce, I think in Kenya it’s not too easy for women.

    I thought about letting you know I was in Ug.. truth is I am not yet ready to “come out” lol… maybe next time. Interesting points you mention there

  2. Hi Mrembo, Tis good to read you after a while. I know I do not comment much here but, I do read all your posts faithfully…some inspiration for you to keep writing.
    Like you the only thing I have come to expect in this life is surprises; pleasant ones and nasty ones but surprises all the same. Looking forward to your stories.
    Re: church and money: a good percentage of us (dare I say kenyans) are taught to equate spirituality with organized religion, we are spiritual beings and therefore flock to churches; being robbed blind in the process.. some of those sermons make me want to violently throw something in the general direction of the preacher! Oh and money does not bring much happiness with it.

    I am acutally looking forward to blogging about the whole religion thing. so won’t say much here, except to say I hear you.

  3. Welcome back to the blog.

    I look forward to the posts to come.

    There are stable relationships in Kenya but few and far between.

    and that is what is puzzling.. why are they few and far between…why?

    • It is a generation thing IMHO. You see, our folks( am talking people born in the 70’s and 80’s) were taught to be resilience and that once you are in a relationship with someone, its forever and you have to make it work. Although they instilled that in us, we have had exposure and influence that its not like that.
      We are now torn between traditional values and ‘modern’ values. Your children will have it worse before things improve

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