A few things about me

Missing Denmark?

So what did I miss while I was away?

  • My house and my things.
  • Privacy to do grown up things with my hubbby 🙂 lol.. so yeah, I really missed my house.
  • Doing things my way, my schedule, my program..(yes, it was all about me)
  • Having a car at my disposal to move around.
  • It had never bothered me before but I did miss RUNNING WATER IN THE TAPS. aieh, Nairobi.. that water issue is a real pain

That was it really.


Comments on: "Missing Denmark?" (3)

  1. Aiiii Mrembo! Kwani what part of Kenya did you stay when you were here? Running water in taps? That problem is so last year! Really

    • lol at your comment. Imagine I was only 7km from city center.

      Where mum stays, water comes on Saturdays and Sundays. So if you do not have those big tanks, one is doomed. She has two tanks that total 7500liters one at the back one at the front.

      So everyday we have to get water into the house for toilet, bath, kitchen etc. On the rare occassion we get enough water to fill both tanks as well as the tank in the house. Those are the days we have running water in the house. One morning Big Al was so confused cause we had water in the taps mpaka he did not know what to do. lol

      This is just 7kms from city center.

      • I know about that problem but I thought it ended long time back.

        Rationing was rampant in 2008 but not after 2009 and after the long rains. It is possible its still happening and I live around the same distance for the city.

        Hope you had fun..

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