A few things about me


A strange thing happened in the process of renovating our house. I found out that I love art and not just any art but the real thing.  I found out that I have a collectors soul.

I trace my love for art back to high school. By the end of first term of form one, I knew that I did not have the talent. Back then we did about 15 subjects then by form 3 you dropped five and remained with ten. Art was one of those I dropped with a quickness, however that never stopped me from going to the art room where various pieces displayed for our viewing pleasure. I was always drawn to charcoal/pencil drawings and paintings of humans (or whatever the official name is). Abstract paintings and still life do absolutely nothing for me.

There are a lot of art galleries here in Århus and to be honest I am not drawn to a lot of the stuff. I am very drawn to art depicting Africans and that I found in plenty in Nairobi. I went to a few art shops in Nairobi… nope I did go to any galleries because I don’t know any. I found lots of interesting paintings.. which at some point in my life I will be able to afford. The cheaper pieces were not “one of a kind” which is what I really was after, a one of a kind piece (true snobbish behaviour)… I don’t know why but I don’t want to have pieces that everyone has). I will admit I did by some of the mass produced ones, but at least here they will stand out.

I do know that one day when I do have more disposable income art especially East African art is going to be my thing.

Here are a few that I like albeit they are mass produced.. I am sure some of you have seen them all over the net

(sorry, the site is not allowing me to copy the pics)… so here is the link. http://www.wak-art.com/prints.htm enjoy! And if you google african art.. there is a lot you will find.


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  1. I like pencil drawing very much. And this post is very good about pencil sketches, these are really very good steps for hand drawn sketches, I love it.
    thanks for it.

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