A few things about me

And then we were four

Some of you are probably wondering how come she be blogging so much.

I got time. I got time because I am on leave. I am on leave because I am with child πŸ™‚

New baby is due in a few weeks time and I am looking forward to the new addition.

I am fat like a pig, my bum is as big as my belly. My knees have testified time and again that they do not like this weight gain at all and if I do not loose it asap they will begin a true resistance.

I am more than grateful that so far it has been a rather uneventful journey.

My little boy who keeps reminding me he is a boy and not “babycakes or baby” knows there is a baby in mummy’s “tyk mave” = fat stomach.Β He keeps insisting that I am the mummy of the baby in my stomach but papa is his own papa and not the baby’s papa. So he is not about to share his papa with anyone Β πŸ™‚

So yes, if you so a very pregnant woman in Nairobi/Kampala with a little brown boy and occassionally with a tall white man, yup that was yours truly πŸ™‚


Comments on: "And then we were four" (5)

  1. Mrembo,
    Congratulations and am jealous! Do you know the sex of the baby?
    Tell me you will name it for me, irrespective of the sex.

  2. Congrats Mrembo, and best wishes!

  3. Congrats… Boy cant talk? It seems just the other day you wrote about his birth.
    Keep writing

  4. All the best! πŸ˜€

  5. Thanks you all for the good wishes.$

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