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Boobs galore

Í spent two weeks in Kampala. While I was there it was hot hot hot!. I was sweating like a pig, am not even joking. By mid day it was game over for me. The only thing I could do was eat and sit. But that’s not what this post is about. It is about beautiful boobs, hanging boobs, pushed up boobs and all the kinds you can think of.

I always thought of “african girls” as being modest. I had to reevaluate that thinking after being in Kampala. I was like.. “whaaaa happened while I was away”. My sister says I am still living in the 90’s as far as Ug is concerned and I think she is right.

Every event/party or gathering I attended boobs were on display baby. It was about push them up and together, then wear a low neckline top and boobiiee!. It was a magnificent display. My own boobs just wanted to crawl away and die. Never having been abundantly endowed I have never paid them that much attention when it comes to “dressing them up”. This time I was like.. “wacha I get back home and get me some Wonder and Victoria secret bras…not about to be left behind”

Here are a few pics as examples. (trying googling, black women in bras and see the rubbish that turns up… so sorry.. could not find decent pics of black boobs! 🙂



Comments on: "Boobs galore" (3)

  1. I concur that Uganda ladies dress more provocatively than other EA ladies… wish it was the men though..sigh..

  2. Si some other day some colleague let them out for all of us to see. I was like, yii, nyabo! But yeah, so true.

    • tell me about it! My sis was telling me how she had gone for the memorial of a family friend who passed away about 4 years ago. At some point the wife of the deceased who is in her mid sixties had to get up infront of the people and salala.. did jaws drop or what.

      Sis said the only thing she could focus on was the beautiful display of cleveage by this woman. She (the wife) is still very beautiful and is one of those ladies who does not seem to age. Lakini we had always known her to be conservative.. wapi.. boobs were out on display for all!

      So I guess there is some kind of sexual revolution hitting Ug at the moment and it cuts across all age groups 🙂 I am so planning on joining it 😀

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