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This post was originally done on 19th July then while I was editing it then windows crashed…. you get the drift.

🙂 is how I am today morning. Hope you are feeling the same way and if not 😀

Remember this post I did on aging? remember…

Sometime after that I went off and bought some urembo /beauty products in order to launch my “young and endlessly beautiful regime” that was to last a life time.

Here is my review of the products I have been using since then.

A bit about my skin .. on my face.. not the rest of my body. I have moderate acne.. which sometimes flares up and sometimes behaves.. but I always have 4 / 5  or more spots. I also have dark spots as a result of the acne (hyperpigmentation). I have large pores and oily skin. That’s the summary of my face. Off to the product review.

(PS: because I am a  few weeks away from giving birth to  my second baby, I have not used any of my prescribed medicines since they are not to be used while pregnant or lactating… so for the past 8.5months I have not used them at all)

PSS:  I do not buy the big/normal size products. I buy the ones that come in a set and are usually on sale at very affordable prices.

First up in December 2009 was:

  • Clinique – Even Better Skin tone range


 These were the first two that I started off with. I had seen them in a magazine and there was emphasis under “all skin tones”.  They did absolutely nothing for me. I did not notice any difference in the hyperpigmentation AT ALL. They did not deliver on their promise. The serum which I used morning and night lasted 5 weeks. The moisturiser was a tad oily but ok. But it does nothing for hyperpigmentation. I emptied the jar just this past week.  The positive about the moisturiser was that it did not result in any more additional breakouts and I used it both in UG and Ke without it being overly oily. it has a high SPF which I hear is the holy grail of anti aging products.

  • Shisedo – Pureness Range

So after my clinique serum got finished I went back to the mall. I did not have a plan, was just going to look for a brand. The lady at the Shisedo stand quickly got hold of me sold me her product. I was impressed with her knowledge and bought  (a) Deep cleansing foam, (b) matifying moisturiser-oil free (c) anti shine matifying lotion (d) night moisturizer light – all from the pureness range which the sales lady assured me was for oily skin. (sorry was unable to copy the pictures from their website-use the link if you want to see the products)

What I liked. The cleansing foam has as delicious scent that is not overpowering and gentle scrub beads. (too gentle to be effective if you ask me) The matifing lotion which was step two was lovely, the skin felt softer after using it. The moisturiser is also good. I could use it both in Ke and UG without it being too heavy or oily. No additional breakouts after using. Basically nothing changed.  I used all products until they were finished. The night cream was simply a very small sample I got. I lasted about 2 weeks. I still have the cleanser.. loads.. but the matifying lotion and moisturizer got finished. Overall verdict. I did not notice any difference in my skin in terms of acne or oiliness.  The fact that there were no negative reactions means that they are products I would continue using.

  • Olay – Regenerist

This one was a bad bad purchase.  I have used it a total of four times and it caused my skin to break out and I got  a rash over my whole face. I still have the jar.. if anyone wants to try it.. drop me your address and I will see how to send it to you.  I bought it after a friend recommended it. She says it is working for her. It is a night regenerating cream /anti aging. To be used only at night. The idea is that it rejuvenates your skin during the night and after long -term use your skin looks young blah blah blah.

  • Protex soap – for sensitive skin (the wrapper has pink)

A long story here: I was in Nairobi for 3 weeks, then took off to UG for 2 weeks and returned to Nairobi for another week. While in UG my cleansers  got finished so I  started  using protex for my face and body.I also used a kyangwe on my face every 2 days or so. What is a kyangwe. It’s that body buffer/traditional face towel from a plant.  When I returned to Nairobi, sis and mum complimented me on my skin saying it had cleared and was looking really good. I took a good look in the mirror and realised I was almost without an acne spot. They asked what I had been using and I was like protex followed by my clinique moisturiser and that was it. After that I kept using the protex and have been using it since but my face is back to looking the way it usually does.. I have about 15 ance spots right now. My theory is that is has something to do with the diet while I was there. The main difference was that I ate a lot of chips and sausage , groundnut sauce, matoke and I think less bread and less tea with milk. I drunk loads of water because it was really humid and hot. And that’s about it.

I did buy loads of protex which I brought back with me.. but now I am wanting to concentrate on my diet and see if it makes a difference. I want to cut out the bread  and milk (in tea as well as diary products ) and see what happens. Before I do that I need to come up with a plan to replace all the bread and diary products otherwise I will fail before day one is even over 🙂

So that is my take on my beauty regime. I soon need to find a moisturiser. I am leaning towards clarins since I hear it is one of the best with a high SPF . Any suggestions.

Comments on: "Beauty lessons with Mrembo" (2)

  1. I LOVE Clinique…YES!

    And my Mom uses Shisedo a lot.

    xoxo Carla xoxo

  2. i must say you’re pretty adventurous in that field…those are quite a few products…tangu i used johnsons baby soap and my face broke out like i had bought ‘jaribu beauty cream’….never ever again. took me like 2yrs to clear…and all my pals kept telling me…’clearly you’re an adult, what were you trying with baby soap….’.lol..funny now.but at the time. not so.

    ati adventurous…nah it’s more like desperation. I have this dream/fantasy that one day, I will fall upon the magic portion and my skin will be as clear as the skin on my thighs and that I will never ever have spot or pimple again 🙂
    lol at “what were you trying with baby soap”

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