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Rated R

I am bored. This is never a good thing for me. Never ever. See I am full of enegry, boundless energy and the need to constantly be occupied or doing something is innate. My son is like that. An energy bomb. I totally understand him and I think that is why we get a long so well. I have been working abit too hard here in the house, cleaning, clearing and throwing away stuff  so much so that my body decided to remind me to slow down by giving me a melt down yesterday. Not fun at all. So today I have done absolutely nothing. The living room is a mess. My bed remains unmade, I have dishes in the kitchen… just writing about it makes me want to get up and do something. But I won’t because when Big Al comes home later today, we are having a nice barbeque and I intend to be full of energy and spirit. The house ain’t going nowhere now is it?

Linked to this boundless energy is a short attention span. Yup.. mine manifests itself in tiring of things easily and right now it is reading. I am sick and tired of Vampire/shapeshifting romance novels. Blah blah blah. The first few I read were new and exciting now it’s all so boring. And for those of you not in the know.. there is a new genre of romance novels out there called romantica. A fusion of erotica and romance. Yes I have read loads and loads… uh you didn’t know that about me now eh 🙂 I am freaky like dat!

There is a ton of rubbish romantica and there is only so much “his manhood was as big as a wrist and she could hardly get her hand around it and wondered if it would ever fit ” I can read before it all becomes boring. At the end of the day, the story, character development, relationship development has to be “tight” for the love scene to add spice to the story. Many writers seem to think that the sex scene makes up for the lack of plot and skill… nope it does not! That said, I am bored with all the romantica. I just want a nice tidy, long romance novel which will leave me weeping with joy and sadness. One classic I love and read at least once a year “Whitney my love” BUT my absolute absolute FAVORITE ROMANCE novel of all time has to be “the shadow and the star”…  I just sigh when I think of that book. I read it at least twice a year.  uh.. that is a lovely book.. the restraint, the comehither, the love dance. Sigh!

Anyway I digress from the main point of this blog. I was over at Oprah’s and saw this. All sorts of ideas started popping up in my head and one of them was my famous LISTS. More of a “bucket list of things to do with Big Al or to him” lol… I am blushing. All sorts of naughty stuff. And yes I have learned of a few things from all those romantica novels I have been reading.

To leave you with a line I read.. which just had me dying of laughter.. still cracks me up when I think of it…It goes something to the effect

“”his penis was calloused from hard use.”

say it with me… eeuuwww!!


Comments on: "Rated R" (5)

  1. kenyanreality said:

    Eeuuwww! LOL.

    Hi Mrembo. Good to catch up with your blog. Off to read all the posts I have missed.

  2. Romantica is surely not for me , calloused from hard use…?

  3. @ KenyanReality: Habari ya masiku mengi… you have been missing in action for sometime

    @ Prou… I guess not 🙂

  4. Love the new furniture and yes eeeww but with a cheeky grin lol

    😀 hello freaky cheeky grin!

  5. I just discovered your blog and I love it. How refreshing : )

    I read quite a lot of erotica/romantica and I totally get where you are comming from. With all the “10 inch manhoods” you just have to roll your eyes at some times. Bertrice Small is one romance writer that has quite a touch of erotica to her books but the stories are SOLID!

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