A few things about me

I promised there would be no mention of politics on this blog after my disatorous political dribble about 2 years ago and I have pretty much kept that promise.

Tonight though I must break from my promise to rant about the madness of Dansk Folk Party.

A few facts about the party which is pretty much an extreme right wing party.

  • It is the third largest political party in Denmark
  • It is led by a woman called Pia Kjærsgard but the brains behind the party is some guy whose name I forget.


Lifted from thier website they say

  •  “The country is founded on the Danish cultural heritage and therefore, Danish culture must be preserved and strengthened
  • Denmark is not an immigrant-country and never has been. Thus we will not accept transformation to a multiethnic society

More about the party can be found here.

A lot of what they state as thier mandate  would apply to any country until you listen to the propaganda they peddle in the guise of “protecting Denmark and her independence”.

In my humble opinion this party peddles “fear of all that is foreign or foreigners” in order to garner votes. They do it well and very effectively. 

The reason for this rant is that I have just turned off the TV after watching a RIDICULOUS debate between Dansk Folk party and Venstre Party ( the party in power) about a new rule. Currently any Danish citizen wishing to marry a non-Dane must be 24 years old or older. This, says Dansk Folk party was  in order to stop forced marriages among the foreign/immigrant communities (read muslims) in Denmark and allow women in these communities to finish thier education. So essentially if you are below 24 years of age, are a Dane and wish to marry a non-Dane, you may do so but your spouse will not be eligible to live or come to Denmark. Ones choice is therefore to  wait till you are 24 or marry and live in another country. When they passed this law I guess they did not think of all the Danes who wanted to marry Americans, Brits, Australians etc…

Today they are proposing that the rule be change to 28 years of age HOWEVER a DISPENSENTION will be offered to Danes wishing to marry citizens of  western nations such as America, Australia and UK because THEY have an easier time intergrating into Danish society as opposed to nationals of non-developed countries.

Two words


I do not know why I am even bothering to be bothered. Surely by now I should be past this kind of stuff.  It bothers me because I think to myself what chance does my son have in this country which is so AGAINST all things non-Dane.. or should I say non-aryan.

It bothers me that the party actually has young members.

It bothers me.

But here is the thing, I can understand why the party is the third largest in Denmark.  Having  returned from home about 4 weeks ago, things are still fresh in my mind and I gotta tell you this. Danes have it good. Believe it or not, Danes have it really cushy.

Free health care.. as in totally free, free school, free university, good infrastructure, a very small gap between rich and poor and things work in this country.  Now take it from me. I have lived in England and it is better than England. I therefore do understand why they want to protect what they have and so would any country. It is true that they have never been an immigrant country and have built what they have themselves. But and it is a big but the world is shrinking and as much as Dansk folk party wants to remain insular and purely Denmark they cannot. In the 1960s they invited immigrant workers to come because they did not have enough workers. There is still a shortage of skilled and unskilled labour and they do open thier doors to so called approved immigrant workers. It is inevitable that the world is becoming a melting pot and Denmark cannot and will not avoid it. Instead Dansk Folk party tries to bury thier head in the sand and creat fear of all things foreign.

I know that this problem is not particular to Denmark. American has it with its Mexican immigration issues. France, Italy and Germany has it with illegal immigrants from Africa, Australia has with Asian immigrants. Kenya has it with Somali immigrant, Uganda has it with Congolese etc etc.. I could go on forever .. so it is nothing new.

What makes Denmark stand out.. that they make their BLATANT discrimation LAW and that for me is crosses a certain line.


Comments on: "The madness that is Dansk Folke Party" (4)

  1. Yes, institutionalized discrimination it is.
    Do you know how rudely shocked I was at an air-port in DC on a Friday afternoon to find that if you are not from some Western countries, you need a transit visa to pass through Heathrow-like you could just go to the embassy that very moment, get a visa, and be on duty Monday morning in your destination? I was lucky and managed to instantly change my itinerary to go through Amsterdam to Accra. That’s the sole reason I was supporting the Netherlands at the WC Finals.

    The good thing is, you understand the complexities of immigration. I often find myself thinking that people should stay home and build their countries instead of ‘eating’ others’ sweat. Lakini even these ‘others’-the pure, non-immigrants, came there from somewhere, long ,long ago.

    Though marriage is different, usually anything that can be abused does get abused (remember your salon ladies?); I know people who have married foreigners with the sole purpose of divorcing them as soon as they get their citizenship. Si byangu!

    • Era Si byangu!

      • I’d like to see what concrete statistics and objective research Dansk Folk Party has to back up its ridiculous claims. I am a non-Western immigrant in Denmark, married to a Dane. I have a have a law degree and practised law abroad for a number of years before coming to Denmark. I am more educated than most Danes, speak multiple languages, and have travelled and lived in more countries than most (including Canada, the US, England and various African countries). But believe me, despite my background it has been quite a challenge in Denmark because of all the obtacles sponsored by people like Dansk Folk Party, and the attitude of prejudice against non-Westerners. How do they expect non-Western immigrants to integrate when they are constantly imposing burdens on them that ordinary Danes do NOT have to satisfy. For example, two Danes wanting to marry each other dont need to be 24yrs old, don’t need to post a $11,000 bank guarantee, dont need to certify that they live in housing of a certain size, etc… (They could be 19 years old, broke , living in a trailer, and collecting unemployment benefits). But if a Dane and foreigner want to marry and live in Denmark, they have to fulfill these conditions. WHY? The answer is that DF does not want non-Western immigrants to integrate, they want them to go away. So they try to make it asd hard as possible. Well, we wont go away! Racist parties like DF just make immigrants more determined to stay and succeed. So shut up Dansk Folk Party and get used to it.

  2. @ Sel : have you seen the latest news from Dansk Folke Party about the immigration proposal to shut down all immigration from non-western countries. It was on the news yesterday(4/08/10). I was watching Pia K defend her party’s stance. She citied particular countries as examples…. “Pakistan, Somali and other non-western countries espeicially those of Muslim background” and continued to say that these groups cost the government 3 times as much as western immigrants when it comes to welfare benefits thus putting a strain on the economic/welfare system .

    When asked if she had proof of this, she said her party had requested concerete proof and that what she said was based on research which had been realeased by some organisation. I don’t remember the name.

    Me, I was speechless.

    The other parties have strongly condemned this new proposal but Pia K said she is not worried cause ever since 2007 all the “crazy ridculous laws” (my words not hers) they have proposed have been put into effect one way or another and she is sure when it comes to deliberation in parliament this too will be passed.

    For y’all non-westerns who want to come to Denmark … this is your last chance, otherwise it will be too late 🙂

    On the other hand I cannot help think how different this is to the anti-immigration campagin currently going on in the US. Just listened to a clip by former running mate Sarah Palin on how she thinks Obama is handling the immigration issue in US and listened to the news about Obama’s falling approval rates regarding his handling of immigration from latin America. Apparently Sarah Palin thinks he lacks the “cahones”… .. so really.. how different is all this stuff??

    I sit, I listen, learn and always prepared.. cause you knows Danes are crazy… I need to be ready to jump when time comes 😀

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