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Now more than ever I have been thinking about contraception. The coming baby is my last. Full stop. No comma, no dash. The one thing that guarantees 100% no pregnancy is abstinence. Show me a happily married abstaining couple and I will show you a couple who is getting it on the side without the other’s knowledge.

The pill has never had my vote. I have no idea what sex my baby is and part of me is hoping it is a boy because one of the things I keep thinking is.. “what will I say to her when it comes to contraception, cause I sure as hell  am not putting her on the pill” I don’t care how ignorant that sounds but like I said.. the pill never got my vote, so there. The other thing  about having a girl is that I don’t want to learn how to do hair 🙂 I am  shallow like that! Hubby would like a girl cause he says it would balance out .. what ever that means, but also says that when it comes to a girl we have to worry about many penises while with a boy we just have to worry about one penis 🙂

Alas I digress back to the topic at hand.

Any hormonal stuff is out of the question.

Condom…. eh not an option

The non-hormonal coil/IUD worked for me, but like all other methods nothing is 100% full proof. I personally know a lady who had baby number 4 after 9 years cause the damn coil had moved. 4 months into her pregnancy is when she found out. She was 39 last year when the baby was born. One of those shocks life delievers and you are left thinking eh??

Two options left.. his snipping as in a vasectomy or my snipping as in sterilatzation. In all honesty I had never consider these seriously till I was talking to  friend A about it. She brought it up saying she had/was seriously considering it. In my ignorance I said that there were side effects after female sterilzation as far as I had heard, but would read up on it. Off I went to the net and  have been reading rather extensively on it, looking for forums where I can read of folks experience. Thus far everything is pointing towards this being my  choice of contraception/pregnancy prevention.. but a funny thing has been happening.

I find myself thinking about the FINALITY of sterilization. As in there is no reversing the process and it is sorta scary. Yet at the same time I am saying to myself “are you crazy, you don’t even want child number 3 so what is the problem here, get it done and over with”

So I talked to Big Al about a vasectomy as an option and he smiled that smile of his and nodded his head in that way which said..” you have got to be out of your f…ing mind if you think I am about to snip snap anything! 🙂 On a serious note he said he would think about it since he had never really thought about it. Then I realised that I had didn’t really know how many children he wanted and was he finished with the whole daddy thing, so I popped the question.  And true to himself he asked why I was asking. I told him about this post. His answer was that he was definitely finished having kids. Two is the perfect number for him. I reminded him he is only 31 still a very young man. His response. “Two is all I need and I am done”

Thing is I understand where he is coming from cause I have the same hesitation and I cannot even explain it. In no way am I habouring the desire for a third child. I am more than grateful for my one and the one on the way. The thought of another one is just scary. I am 33 years going on 34 at the end of the year.

So for now I am just sorta there still haven’t made up my mind. I can still use the coil method, but at the back of my mind is that niggling thought “it can fall out, it can move, it can be put incorrectly, it is not 100% pregnancy proof”. So what to do.

There is still time to make up my mind.   No rush for now.

PS. This baby better come soon, I am bored out of my mind being at home. I need something to keep me occupied and I promise, no whining when I get only 3 hours of sleep. Now I know for sure that it is only for a season 🙂

Have a fabulous day. I intend to.

Comments on: "On my mind" (6)

  1. Abstience has worked fine for me all along so I recommend sleeping in seperate beds 🙂

    • Wewe PKW wacha story :-).. you will tell me how that works when you have the ring on your finger!

      btw.. my comments on your blog are disappearing.. mi sijui what is happening.

  2. no comma, no dash?….lolest..

    btw, no method comes bila issues…that coil your thinking about, my pal still got pregnant when it was in…and she had to be cleaned out cos it was messing her up..ma-emotional turmoil and what not…

    snipping,i dont know…what if you reach 39 and just have a real craving to pop?..hehehe

    this baby prevention thing is no joke I tell you. I could tell you stories but wacha tu. Ati 39 and I have the craving to pop.. let me tell you what will happen, I will take myself straight to a therapist and work that outta me.

    The lady who gave birth at 39 I admired her because me being all pro-life/pro choice, I sat there and thought about her situation and was like .. I really do not know what I would do. (ok… I sorta know) but I would need serious counselling after finding out about the pregnancy. Some would think she should just have aborted, right. Well on that issue everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. The thing is she found out when she was 20 weeks into the pregnancy, approx. 4th month. In Denmark one can get an abortion within the first 15/16 weeks, after that you have to seek permission from the hospital and only they can approve if your pregnancy is older than 16 weeks. Factors like high risk or life endangerment are some of the things they consider otherwise you stuck with your baby.

  3. Mrembo: Pole about the comments not appearing. I only take comments that are agreeable to what I blog about 🙂
    Kidding-I started regulating after spammers seemingly wanted to take over that section.
    Love that you are blogging a lot!

  4. I am not sure I can give you nay advise here since I am not about to make anyone pregnant..at least not accidentally. Beau and I are thinking of a child and are talking to a few surrogates.

    Seriously though….. whats wrong with a condom?

    if I went into the details of why no condom I would be crossing the TMI boundary :-). The only thing I will say is that as a long term pregnancy prevention method, they are not an option in my house and that is me speaking.

  5. I don’t know how I missed this post. definitely come in handy soon..though am craving baby number 2 already


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